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God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 Episode 10 Recap

Qin Wentian competed with Ou Feng. In this game, Qin Wentian won. Ou Feng, who lost the game, was unconvinced and injured Mo Qingcheng . Qin Wentian was stabbed by Ou Feng to save Mo Qingcheng. Qin Wentian Holding the injured Mo Qingcheng and left, Mo Shang checked that Mo Qingcheng’s injury should not be so serious, and told everyone that his injury was not serious, so that she could rest well, and asked Qin Wentian and others to leave. Qin Wentian said he wanted Have an explanation about the rankings, let Ruo Huan take care of MoQingcheng.

The elders of Jiuhuamen gathered together. Elder Jiang said that Qin Wentian hurt others, which is indisputable. Qin Wentian said that he did not mean it. Elder Jiang asked the elders and the elder Qianshou to decide. After some arguments, The elder in hand said that Qin Wentian was not guilty, and asked Qin Wentian to go back. Qin Wentian who had gone back went to Mo Qingcheng, and asked Senior Sister Ruohuan to leave first, and he stayed to take care of Qingcheng.

Ye Wuque said, “It’s just that Ou Feng didn’t win the qualifying match. Why are you so upset?” Bai Qiuxue said, no one at the scene could see that he was weird, not to mention that he sneaked up. He was not Qin Wentian originally. Opponents, how could they violently injure people? If it wasn’t for Mo Qingcheng to block the blow, ask God, Ou Feng didn’t need to do such a small move. Who was the one who was laughed at in the end when you performed this play, Ye Wuque said , Are you worried about Qin Wentian being injured? Bai Qiuxue said that he was just worried that Ou Feng would continue Ye Wuwei. The two had a quarrel, and Ye Wuwei left.

Ye Wuque went to look at the former big brother of the Royal Academy. After the two chatted, Ye Wuque told the big brother that Emperor Yi was unconscious. Now the regent is in charge of the Ye family, and Bai Qingsong from the Bai family returns to the imperial city with the help of Ye Mo , To his father Ma Shou, now that your identity as the eldest son of Emperor Yi has been made public, and you have nothing to hide. Yi Tianjiao has also sealed the champion. The big brother said that he is not here and willing to live in seclusion. Ye Wuque left angrily.

Fan Le felt that it was too difficult to practice the Five Dao Formations, but when he remembered about the Four Leagues qualifying and Tian Menglin, he continued to practice. At this time, Senior Sister Ruo Huan came and asked if he was practicing the Five Dao Formations. Array, and said that the Five Dao Array was created by her mother, but unfortunately she is not suitable. Fan Le said that she would definitely work hard to cultivate. Senior Sister Ruo Huan said that cultivating in the wild is not a long-term solution. Let him go to the dark forest to cultivate in the future. .

Qin Wentian made medicine for Mo Qingcheng in the room, and Mo Qingcheng woke up. Qin Wentian gave the medicine to Mo Qingcheng and wanted to feed it, but Mo Qingcheng said she would come by herself. Mo Qingcheng asked Qin Wentian to go to the night market together after he recovered, saying that her father would not let her go before, and Qin Wentian agreed.

When Elder Jiang saw Ou Chen angry for Qin Wentian, Ou Chen said he must go to Qin Wentian for revenge, and Elder Jiang warned him to use tactics.

Bai Qing asked Qin Wentian why he was unhappy, did he win the qualifying? Qin Wentian said that he won, Bai Qing asked why he was unhappy after winning, Qin Wentian said that it was because Mo Qingcheng was unhappy about saving him from the injury. Bai Qing felt that Qin Wentian didn’t have her in his heart, only Mo Qingcheng, and was very unhappy.

When the monster wolf saw Mo Qingcheng, he felt that he was very similar to the person in the painting, and guessed that she was the daughter of the sage, so he sent his subordinates to Jiuhuamen to assassinate Mo Qingcheng, saying that she could not stay. The demon wolf gave the painting he got in Mo Mansion to the sage, and the person in the painting was his wife Huang.

The regent expressed to Qin Hao that he believed that the Qin family was innocent, but the Qin family was responsible for this matter, so he asked Long Xiangwei to escort the repair of the red-milled sky wall and the death row. Qin Hao agreed. Qin Hao and Qin Chuan suspected that the Ye family was in collusion with the regent Wang Yiheng , and handed over to Long Xiangwei to repair the red milled sky wall. Long Xiangwei encountered an ambush on his way to the cloud, but Qin Hao had expected all this.

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