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Blues Strike 蓝军出击 Episode 2 Recap

Han Peng captured Wang Kezheng, He Yazhou and Chu Zhangang became the new opponent of the Mountain Leopard Brigade

The 909 brigade commander, Chu Zhangang, was fishing by the river. He was always thinking about the progress of the decisive battle 2017 actual combat exercise. He firmly believed that Brigadier Wang Kezheng would win. He did not expect to be defeated by a mountain leopard brigade that had just been formed for half a year. Chu Zhangang felt that the result was incredible.

He repeatedly pondered the battle report sent by the theater headquarters. In the past, the exercise was over. The participating units went back to complete the summary before issuing a report. At least half a month or a month was required. In the report that day, Chu Zhangang was puzzled, and there may be other opinions.

The correspondent suddenly remembered that there was an emergency notice from the theater army behind the announcement. Chu Zhangang opened the notice and asked the military and political leaders of the group army and the chief of the brigade to immediately rush to the Langshan training base for a summary meeting. He specifically stated that no one was allowed to take leave. Chu Zhan just now Aware of the seriousness of the problem, I blamed the correspondent for not knowing the priorities and almost missed a major event.

Han Peng received the frontline report and learned that Wang Kezheng had ordered the Tenth Artillery Battalion to blow up all the front positions of the Mountain Leopard Brigade’s 535 defense line. He had to admire Tong Fei’s foresight and asked Hao Jianguo to inform the troops left behind to rush for reinforcements.

The fortifications were repaired, but the forward position was hit by continuous artillery, and it was difficult to repair it safely within three or two days. Liu Shanshan also monitored that the artillery battalion attached to the 808 brigade was advancing towards Langshan and was about to launch a new line of defense against the forward position. Round of bombing.

Han Peng saw that Wang Kezheng was arranging a posture to fight him to the death, and he simply came to catch the thieves first. At this time, Wang Kezheng successfully arrived at the agreed place. A pilot who claimed to be a 15th Army Brigade Helicopter Group had been waiting for a long time. Wang Kezheng wanted to rush to the Army Theater Staff to file a complaint within an hour, and he went without verifying the identity of the pilot. Up the helicopter.

Chu Zhangang did not dare to delay, and immediately boarded the special plane bound for Langshan. He was accompanied by the chiefs of the brigade and political leaders. Xu Xiaocun, political commissar of the 909 brigade, could not guess what happened to Wang Kezheng.

At the same time, Wang Kezheng received an urgent phone call from Deputy Commander Liu of the exercise headquarters, informing him to rush to the Langshan training base immediately, where the chief of the army in the theater of war will hold a performance summary meeting at 10 o’clock tonight. Wang Kezheng was not convinced. The exercise hasn’t officially started yet, and the summary meeting is about to be held now. He can’t help but complain.

Wang Kezheng immediately called He Yazhou and asked him to go to Langshan for a meeting. Unexpectedly, it was Han Peng who answered the phone. He welcomed him as the first captured divisional commander of the Blue Army. Xing Feng, captain of the Army Aviation Brigade of the Mountain Leopard Brigade, stood up. He introduced himself and introduced him to the current situation. Wang Kezheng was dumbfounded immediately, gritted his teeth with anger, and cursed Han Peng for being mean.

He Yazhou led the 808 brigade to continue advancing towards Langshan. From a distance, he saw a traffic accident ahead. Road administration staff set up roadblocks. They had to wait for the public security and traffic police to deal with them. He Yazhou rushed to the road and couldn’t wait, so he had to get off the car to investigate.

He considered repeatedly and decided to take off the guardrail and pass by, and then let the engineers restore the guardrail. He Yazhou went to talk to Lele, the road administration staff member. Coke couldn’t be the leader, so he called to report to the head of the section, Han, but Han did not agree.

He Yazhou took the call and explained the reason with Han Boss. Boss Han claimed that he was familiar with Wang Kezheng and had to drink with him. He Yazhou wanted the engineers to act quickly, and Han Boss asked him to come over and go through a formality. , Lele takes He Asia into the culvert. A military vehicle appeared in front of him. Hao Jianguo came out from inside.

Lele held He Yazhou with a gun. He could only arrest him. Lele was a non-commissioned officer of the Mountain Leopard Brigade Special Operations Brigade. He pretended to be a road officer and spoke to He Yazhou. The boss of Han is Han Peng. He Yazhou was shocked when he learned that Wang Kezheng had been captured alive.

The chiefs of the army in the theater and the chiefs of the brigades and political leaders arrived at the Langshan training base on time. The meeting room was full of seats. Han Peng and Tong Fei arrived later. Only Wang Kezheng and He Yazhou had empty seats. Chu Zhangang and Xu Xiaocun Puzzled. Feng Hai, the political commissar of the Army of the First War Zone, announced the end of the exercise and asked Han Peng to release the prisoners. Wang Kezheng and He Yazhou went in desperately and returned to their lives.

Shen Jun announced the results of this exercise in public. The Mountain Leopard brigade won a big victory. The 808 brigade withdrew from the position to sum up experience and lessons. Feng Hai announced the punishment decision for Wang Kezheng’s disobedience to the command, and he was in a serious warning.

Xing Zhiqiang made a detailed comment on the exercise and criticized Wang Kezheng for taking credit and arrogance and not being able to fully adapt to the military reform. Xing Zhiqiang firmly believed that the banner of the 808 brigade would never fall. He heard that Wang Kezheng had not accepted defeat until now, and ordered Wang Kezheng and He Yazhou to summarize the reasons for this failure.

Xing Zhiqiang affirmed the combat results of the Mountain Leopard Brigade and stated that the purpose of forming the Blue Army is to deal with future wars, completely change the military training mode, and build the troops into a new type of army. Through this exercise, Xing Zhiqiang saw the problems of the troops and encouraged them. Everyone adapts to the military reform as soon as possible.

Feng Hai announced the start of the second phase of the 2017 actual combat exercise. All brigade and political leaders looked at each other, and no one dared to stand up to challenge Han Peng’s mountain leopard brigade. Wang Kezheng clenched his fists and wanted to compete with Han Peng.

The commander asked Chu Zhangang and Xu Xiaocun to lead the 909 brigade to form a Red Army attack group to conduct a second confrontation with the Mountain Leopard Brigade. Within ten days, they would attack the 535 line of defense held by the Mountain Leopard Brigade, otherwise the Red Army would have failed.

Chu Zhangang promised to face the battle. He wanted a month to prepare, but Xing Zhiqiang only gave them ten days, and it started from today. Chu Zhangang was caught off guard for a while. The 909 brigade was 1,500 kilometers away from Langshan, and it was impossible to complete it within ten days. Chu Zhangang felt that the army’s wind direction would change and it was imperative to withdraw the regiment and change its battalion. Chu Zhangang felt that this exercise was both a challenge and an opportunity. If you get started, you must never let the chief down.

He Yazhou asked Xing Zhiqiang to intercede, and tried his best to defend Wang Ke, but Xing Zhiqiang refused to buy it. He sent him away in a few words. He Yazhou was not reconciled and asked Xing Zhiqiang not to record Wang Kezheng’s warning in his file. He had a meal and accused him of serious violation of political rules.

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