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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 14 Recap

Peng Xi Zhe in YUAN Da-jun under a reminder, some realized, why he orchestrated every confession can be Su Yiwen ingenious escape to ah. Yuan Dajun reminded him that now Su Yiwen is ready to get married, and he only confessed now. If Su Yiwen agrees to him, doesn’t it mean that Su Yiwen has a problem. Peng Xizhe said that he knew it was a bit late to confess, but he had missed many opportunities. Now that he is one step late, Su Yiwen will marry someone else. If this is the case, he might regret it for life.

Su Yiwen came to Su Yiwu’s clinic, asked her to chat with her, and said that she would double her money for an hour. Su Yiwen ate a lot of food in front of Su Yiwu, and finally said that she felt that what she said to herself when she was a child made sense, that is, never touch a particularly perfect person, who always lives under the disguise of a mask. , Can’t see through, don’t know, too dangerous. Su Yiwu asked her if she had quarreled with Lin Feng, Su Yiwen only asked her what she would do if someone threatened her. Lin Feng came to the bar to look for Shen Ruoyan , and asked her what she was calling herself that day. Lin Feng didn’t hear anything, so she told her not to make trouble during her wedding and let her solve everything for herself as soon as possible.

Su Yiwen returned home alone, looking at the empty room, and remembering the daily life of living with Peng Xizhe in the past, and thinking silently in her heart that she was almost unable to hold on. After Peng Xizhe returned home, Su Yiwen told him about the sky-high price of orchids. Peng Xizhe persuaded her that Dad Su didn’t know the existence of the money, so how could it be Lin Feng’s wishes. Moreover, according to his own investigation, Lin Feng was planning to bribe Su’s father at first, but he didn’t know why he stopped. Su Yiwen said that she didn’t know what to do now, and Peng Xizhe made her believe in herself and asked her to hold the wedding as scheduled. Because only in this way can parents truly realize that their children’s marriage cannot be carried out by persecution. He asked Su Yiwen to prepare a video of the wedding and hand it to Shen Ruoyan.

Su Yiwen returned to her parents’ house. Mother Su cooked her white fungus soup and told her about marriage. Su Yiwen said that she can live without a man. Su’s mother explained that Lin Feng was her son-in-law chosen by thousands of choices, and she did not want Su Yiwen to have an unfortunate marriage life like Su Yiwu. Su Yiwen quickly prepared the wedding video and gave it to Shen Ruoyan, asking her to put it on her own during the wedding. Peng Xizhe went down to see Andy in private, and Andy gave all the information he had secretly collected to Peng Xizhe so that he could go to the inspection agency to report. Shen Ruoyan took Su Yiwen’s U disk, opened the video after get off work, and fell to the table with anger, all of which were captured by the camera installed by Peng Xizhe. After the company’s crowd was not over, Peng Xizhe secretly came to the company, turned on Lin Feng’s computer, and obtained the company’s account details for the past few years from the executive sister.

Lin Feng looked at the wedding venue between himself and Su Yiwen and was very satisfied. He asked Peng Xizhe smugly whether he was very upset now, after all, his sister who had been in love for many years was about to marry him. As Su Yiwen’s bridesmaid, Yuanyuan said sadly that she didn’t want to watch Su Yiwen just jump into the fire pit of Lin Feng. The wedding officially began. Father Su took Su Yiwen’s hand and solemnly handed it to Lin Feng. Shen Ruoyan came to the backstage as scheduled, and Su Yiwen also said that she had something to say to everyone, which was recorded in a video.

The wedding host asked everyone to watch the video before talking, but she didn’t expect that Shen Ruoyan actually put in the intimate photos of herself and Lin Feng, and the scene suddenly turned into a pot of porridge. The police also came to the hotel soon and took Lin Feng away, saying that he was suspected of bribery. When Shen Ruoyan saw Lin Feng being arrested, she couldn’t believe all this, she said in a hurry that she had bought the sky-high-priced orchid at the street stall.

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