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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 13 Recap

Su’s father specifically found Li Binli and told him about Su Yiwu’s situation and advised him to keep a distance from Su Yiwu. After all, Su Yiwu’s situation is complicated. Not only did she have a bad marriage, she also had children. If two people want to get along, they need to be carefully considered. Li Bingli said that because of Su Yiwu’s great confidence, he only wanted to take good care of her. Shen Ruoyan sat on the steps of Lin Feng’s house alone, holding her own examination report, and the doctor told her that she was suffering from infertility. Thinking of such a disabled herself, Lin Feng would definitely not be able to accept it. She suddenly felt that she must not let her Lin Feng till this truth.

Barron told Su Yiwen that he always received emails from his father on his mother’s computer, but he would always delete the emails before his mother saw them. Unexpectedly, this time, he saw the emails from his father saying, Su Yiwu was taken back to the United States for the crime of kidnapping children, so he wanted to escape by himself so that his father could not find him. After Barron fell asleep, Su Yiwen received a message from Andy, saying that he really had something to tell her. Su Yiwen learned that the person Shen Ruoyan had always liked was Lin Feng. She was very sad and told Peng Xizhe that she wanted to divorce.

Early in the morning, Barron cried beside Peng Xizhe, saying that Su Yiwen was missing. Peng Xizhe asked him to eat something in the room and went to find Su Yiwen by himself. It turns out that all of these are carefully arranged by Barron, the purpose is to remind the two people to learn to cherish as soon as possible. When Peng Xizhe came to the beach and saw Su Yiwen’s shoes, he thought Su Yiwen wanted to do something stupid, so he rushed into the sea, and instantly understood his heart. At this time, Su Yiwen walked out from the other side, and Peng Xizhe hurried over and hugged her tightly. They quickly sent Barron back to Su’s house, and at the same time Li Binli also found his lawyer friend to come to the house, ready to help Su Yiwu win the lawsuit.

Su Yiwen and Lin Feng made an appointment at the restaurant for dinner. She told Lin Feng that she didn’t want to get married because she couldn’t do two boats like him. Lin Feng chased her out and asked her if she had derailed and fell in love with Peng Xizhe, and threatened her that if she didn’t marry herself, her father would go to jail because he had received a pot of orchids worth millions from him. Then he went to the ring shop to pick up the ring and met Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou reminded him that he is now in deep crisis, don’t he feel it, because Peng Xizhe’s software copyright is not in his hands now. Lin Feng said. Peng Xizhe is his own brother-in-law, so it will be a matter of time before he gets the copyright of the software. Seeing that he was winning, he only said that he should be careful of women’s revenge, especially those who are broken in love.

Su Yiwen returned home and quickly found the orchid that Lin Feng gave him. He took it back to his room, and found a bank card inside and hid it. Peng Xizhe and Su Yiwen came to the amusement park and said that they knew since childhood that Su Yiwen was not used to the food made by Su’s mother, so they took her out to improve their lives. He carefully prepared a confession for Su Yiwen, but he always missed it inexplicably. Su Yiwen said to him that if he could eat and drink so stupidly every day, Peng Xizhe also said that there is nothing that can’t be solved by eating a good meal. Peng Xizhe’s shoulder was ill again, and he was severely criticized by Yuan Dajun , saying that he did not take his body seriously.

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