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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 12 Recap

According to Su’s mother, Peng Xizhe came to the Su family and Lin family’s dinner table as scheduled. Seeing the two families talking and laughing, Peng Xizhe remained expressionless. After drinking three rounds , Father Su offered to apologize to the Lin family’s parents for Su Yiwen . He mentioned that Peng Xizhe and the Peng family were kind to the Su family, and they always treated him as Su Yiwen’s younger brother. People live together. Su’s mother was not happy anymore. She said coldly that there are always people in this society who want to take shortcuts to achieve what they want, and until now, the Peng family has not stepped up to apologize to the Su family. Peng Xizhe couldn’t listen anymore. He stood up and expressed his opinion to the two parents, saying that he had already found a house and would move out tonight.

When Dad Su came home, he severely reprimanded Mother Su for speaking too badly at the dinner table. He also said that Peng Xizhe should not be involved in such an occasion. The last thing that should be done is to blame Peng Xizhe’s father in front of so many people at the dinner table. Su Yiwen returned home and told her father that Peng Xizhe would not return her information and could not find anyone else. Su’s mother immediately warned her not to have any contact with Peng Xizhe. Su’s father came to the garden with Su Yiwen in private and talked about marriage and family life. Su Yiwen talked about Su Yiwu’s marital status and said that she didn’t understand why people must get married. It’s really hard to get happiness. Su’s father said that everything of herself originated from Su Yiwen’s happiness, so she must see her heart clearly.

Su Yiwu happily came to the hospital to send a banner to Li Binli. As soon as she walked to the hospital, she received a call saying that her son Barron was gone again. Su Yiwu was emotionally out of control again, saying that Barron’s father must have returned, and she was too scared. Peng Xizhe drank in a restaurant alone and called Ye Zishan over. He said that no matter where he was, he was an excellent person, but why in the eyes of Su’s mother, he was always that worthless person. Ye Zishan looked at him so sad, but he hesitated when Su Yiwen called.

She grabbed the phone, the two had a dispute, and the phone fell into the hot pot. Ye Zishan said, since he likes Su Yiwen so much, then confess to her that the reason that caused the two of them to part ways was not actually other external factors, it was entirely because of his own hesitation and cowardice. After speaking, she took out her mobile phone to Peng Xizhe and asked him to immediately call Su Yiwen to confess that she left the hotel alone. After walking out of the hotel, her heart seemed to be truly liberated. She finally decided to let go of her unwillingness and bid farewell to the past.

Su’s family was as anxious as Barron’s disappearance as ants on a hot pot. Su Yiwen informed Peng Xizhe to come to the clinic to help. Mother Su saw his arrival and said that her family did not welcome him. Fortunately, Dad Su stepped up to fight for her. The round field. Li Binli told Mama Su that the couple should stay in the clinic and wait for the call, and everyone else would go out to look for it. Su Yiwu searched for a circle but failed to find Barron, and almost collapsed.

Li Bingli was on the side to comfort her and there must be a way. Su Yiwen was looking for Barron anxiously, and received a call from Andy asking her to come to see her. Su Yiwen said that she had something to say and rejected him. Peng Xizhe found Su Yiwen and said that he remembered Barron telling himself that he was going to the beach to pick up shells for his mother. The two decided to go to the beach to try if they could find it. The two found darkness on the beach and finally saw Barron’s figure.

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