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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 11 Recap

Su Yiwen home, Peng Xi Zhe specially cooked for her to eat, Su Yiwen courage, asked him if he likes himself. Peng Xizhe’s heart sighed, Fan Wen Su Yiwen felt like she liked her, and said that don’t think Lin Feng likes her, people all over the world will like her. Peng Xizhe said whether Shen Ruoyan is her best friend. Su Yiwen expressed affirmation. Peng Xizhe asked her if she felt that Shen Ruoyan was weird recently, but Su Yiwen explained for Shen Ruoyan that there are always people who say strange things by her side recently, but the feelings between women will not be so fragile. Accumulated after a long time together.

Shen Ruoyan came to Lin Feng’s house again and was bumped into by Lin Feng’s mother. She was very angry and asked Lin Feng why Shen Ruoyan appeared at his home so late. Lin Feng said on the excuse that Shen Ruoyan was here to deliver food to herself, and Mother Lin naturally didn’t believe it. Lin Feng didn’t want to say more, and asked his mother why she came to her home so late. Just then Mama Lin said that Dad Su was apologizing and apologizing on the phone because Su Yiwen and Peng Xizhe were renting together. Since the Su family is willing to sit down and have a good talk, it proves that there is no too much between Su Yiwen and Peng Xizhe. Big problem. He also advised Lin Feng not to really let himself go because of Su Yiwen, and finally caused unpleasant things.

Peng Xizhe continued to return to work at Lin Feng’s company and met Jiang Ping at the door. Jiang Ping encouraged him to say that he was his number one big fan. He also said that the company now values ​​Peng Xizhe’s software very much and he must work hard. When Shen Ruoyan saw Peng Xizhe coming back to work at the company, she asked him privately how he planned to showdown with Su Yiwen and prevent Lin Feng from marrying Su Yiwen. Peng Xizhe said that the whole thing has nothing to do with him, and there is no reason to jump out to be this ruthless person.

He also said that Shen Ruoyan hurt her best friend in order to satisfy herself. Shen Ruoyan said that some words were not appropriate to say from her own mouth, and she had to borrow others’ words. Peng Xizhe was very angry and said that the copyright of his software is still in his own hands. Anyway, Huarui Group is very interested in this project, and he can lower his price and go to Huarui Group to participate in shares at any time. Shen Ruoyan didn’t expect Peng Xizhe to be so daring, saying that Peng Xizhe was a white-eyed wolf raised by Su Yiwen. Peng Xizhe took her words, did not deny it, and pulled Shen Ruoyan off the horse by the way, saying that both of them were Su Yiwen’s white-eyed wolves.

When Su Yiwen came to Su Yiwu’s clinic, she happened to meet Su Yiwu who was receiving patients. Su Yiwu took the opportunity to let her sit by her side to listen, and wanted her to warm up her marriage in advance. Su Yiwen said to Su Yiwu that she didn’t know why now, as long as Lin Feng kissed herself, she would subconsciously avoid it. Su Yiwu advised her to figure out what caused her reluctance to accept these physical contacts. Lin Feng saw Peng Xizhe return to the company and asked him why he came and went freely in his company. Peng Xizhe first stated his position, saying that he didn’t want to be a hypocrite anymore, and deliberately described himself as a profit-seeking person, and Lin Feng immediately refreshed his understanding of him.

Su’s mother invited Peng Xizhe to meet with herself, to keep him away from Su Yiwen, stop disturbing Su Yiwen’s happiness, and go to the weekend dinner with herself and explain clearly on the spot. Peng Xizhe returned home with great thoughts and saw his father standing at the gate of the community, and quickly picked him up. Dad Peng asked him who he was sharing the lease with, and he raised his hand to beat him. Fortunately, Su Yiwen walked out in time and explained the sharing with Dad Peng carefully. Father Peng knew his son’s temperament very well, saying that others were not qualified to taunt his son, and asked Peng Xizhe to leave the city with him.

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