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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 10 Recap

Su Yiwen said to her girlfriends that she and Shen Ruoyan are her best friends, and they must be their bridesmaids. Yuanyuan said that she just didn’t like Shen Ruoyan and didn’t want to interact with her again. After Su Yiwen asked her, Yuanyuan told her that Shen Ruoyan was someone else’s junior, but Su Yiwen said that she knew it a long time ago. Peng Xizhe packed up his things and was about to leave the company. Shen Ruoyan came up to him and asked him if he really believed what Lin Feng said. He also said that what Lin Feng said is not worthy of belief. She told Peng Xizhe to stop the wedding of Su Yiwen and Lin Feng. Peng Xizhe threw away the box in angrily, got into the car and left.

Su Yiwu’s clinic began to have patients one after another, and Barron sensibly helped her serve the guests with tea and water, and also performed shows for the patients to pass the time. From a patient, Su Yiwu learned that these things were actually due to Li Binli’s help. Su Yiwu ordered a takeaway for him to express his gratitude and went to the hospital to look for him. She told Li Bingley, don’t help herself anymore, she already owed him enough. Su Yiwen and Lin Feng came to the beach together. She accidentally touched Lin Feng’s hand and learned that his hand was injured. Su Yiwen quickly asked him what was going on.

Lin Feng said that he knew she lived with Peng Xizhe, but he did not believe that Su Yiwen really regarded Peng Xizhe as his younger brother. He also said that he slapped himself at the company today, quit his job and beat himself. Su Yiwen explained to Peng Xizhe that he was not that kind of person, and that he and his sister and Peng Xizhe grew up together since they were young, so the relationship between them is also very good. But Lin Feng said that Peng Xizhe’s software is now being developed. If Peng Xizhe leaves like this, these people in the company will inexplicably bear unnecessary pressure. Su Yiwen couldn’t bear it, so she said she would go to Peng Xizhe to have a good talk, and let him come and apologize to Lin Feng. Lin Feng took out the prepared proposal ring and seriously proposed to Su Yiwen.

Peng Xizhe was very hesitant, not knowing whether he should have a showdown with Su Yiwen, he asked Ye Zishan if she would tell the person if she encountered these things. Ye Zishan advised him that no matter what the matter was, he should let the parties choose for themselves, because no one could make decisions for others. After that, Ye Zishan came to Su Yiwu’s clinic and confided to Su Yiwu that he was very attached to Peng Xizhe, but he did not get a trace of Peng Xizhe’s feelings for him.

Su Yiwu said that according to her own analysis, Ye Zishan joined the team agent to increase her chances of getting close to Peng Xizhe, but he always wanted to get Peng Xizhe’s reciprocal report with his own efforts. Professional to kidnap Peng Xizhe. Ye Zishan went on to say that the team doesn’t need a professional photographer at all, and even the coach likes her more and more. In her opinion, she is simply an old woman.

Peng Xizhe saw that Ye Zishan was frustrated because of Su Yiwu’s persuasion, so he took her away from the clinic, saying that he kindly took her to the psychology clinic for treatment, but she didn’t expect that she would still be unhappy with Su Yiwu. Ye Zishan hugged Peng Xizhe and asked him why he didn’t like him. From the bottom up, he was always a beloved little princess. Why was it different when he came to him? Is it because he has been missing maternal love since he was a child? Hearing these words, Peng Xizhe suddenly became a little angry, saying that he would never care about her again.

Lin Feng sent Su Yiwen downstairs. After getting off the car, Su Yiwen apologized to Lin Feng again, saying that it was because Peng Xizhe was cooking delicious that he forced him to stay with him. Lin Feng said on the spot that after getting married, he would ask one of the best nanny to cook for her every day, and asked her not to believe what Peng Xizhe said. Because Su Yiwen and Peng Xizhe are living together, Su’s father is going to invite the Lin family to have a meal and explain clearly.

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