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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 14 Recap

Liu Jimei was about to see what happened to the little parrot, and suddenly fell down while holding her heart in her hand.

Little Taozi asked if Su Wenli was familiar with the editor-in-chief of Linglong Magazine. After learning that Su Wenli was not familiar with Liu Jimei, she told Su Wenli of Liu Jimei’s death. So Su Wenlirang was about to go to the magazine to find out. On the way there, she saw the broken glass downstairs. After going in, she found the words “Wonderful Death” on the wall. Then she went in without paying attention. After chatting with Luo Qiuheng for a while, he went downstairs.

Yao Huimin introduced Su Wenli and Sun Weiwei to each other, and then fell silent. Then Su Wenli also asked who found the body. I know it is Yan Mengdie’s husband Mao Jiakang. Then Su Wenli went to the office with Yao Huimin and learned about the situation by the way, and then went to Liu Jimei’s office to learn more about the situation, but Luo Qiuheng wanted to get out, but Su Wenli used the previous case that Luo Qiuheng kissed her. He threatened Luo Qiuheng for a while, then he just looked around and left. After going down, Yao Huimin also told Su Wenli that similar things like unsatisfactory death often happened, everyone was used to it, and Su Wenli had to go back.

While reading a magazine, Su Wenli saw a lot of strange things and also teased Xiao Tao’s “embroidered toilet cover” that was being made. At this time Luo Qiuheng came, and he sent Xiao Taozi’s favorite “Little “Fairy Adventures”, then Xiao Taozi happily took the drawing upstairs, and Luo Qiuheng told Su Wenli that Liu Jimei had died of hydrocyanic acid poisoning. The two agreed that Liu Jimei might be about to die after work. The two wanted to discuss further When Brigitte came, Luo Qiuheng didn’t stay behind to eat the scallion noodles when he saw Bridal who was jealous. He also said that he was already full, probably because he was full of anger. Su Wenli went by to explain to him that Luo Qiuheng was too busy.

Xiaoan showed Luo Qiuheng a letter he found from Liu Jimei’s office, so Luo Qiuheng asked Xiaoan to call Sun Weiwei for questioning tomorrow, and by the way other people in the magazine, Su Wenli accompany him to dinner while listening to him. Talk to one side to comfort Brady.

When Sun Weiwei came, she told Xiaoan that she was not surprised at Liu Jimei’s death, because Liu Jimei made a lot of enemies in a month. After Luo Qiuheng came, he showed the warning letter to Sun Weiwei and asked them separately. Sun Weiwei said he I hate him because I was scolded for taking private jobs. I also said that Liu Jimei often quarreled with Yao Huimin, just like a shrew scolding the street.

Xiaoan was asking about Mao Jiakang. Mao Jiakang said that he had repaired the water pipe first, but when he went up, he found that the door was unlocked. Upon entering, Liu Jimei was found dead. Luo Qiuheng asked Yan Mengdie again. Yan Mengdie said that he left at 6:30, while Mao Jiakang said that Yan Mengdie came back almost at eight o’clock. For such a long time, Yan Mengdie obviously has time to commit crimes, but Yan Mengdie I said that when I went back, a tram broke down and caused a traffic jam to go back late, and I also expressed my dislike for Liu Jimei.

Luo Qiuheng went to Linglong Club and ran into Yang Zhengjun who asked briefly but didn’t get any useful information. He was about to ask Yao Huimin’s sister who was the friend of Yao Huimin. He glanced up and noticed that Yang Zhengjun was talking with Natasha, and Luo Qiuheng also knew that sister of the friend was. Liu Jimei also knows why the pen name is not allowed to be spread. Yao Huimin sent the letter to Luo Qiuheng because he didn’t have time to read the letter for the next issue of the manuscript, and Sun Weiwei also took advantage of this to mention Liu Jimei’s previous topic, because this Luo Qiuheng still slightly suspected Sun Weiwei, when Sun Weiwei was about to use a typewriter. It’s broken, just at this time Yang Zhengjun came, and Luo Qiuheng heard what he said when he asked Yang Zhengjun to repair the typewriter. It turns out that Yang Zhengjun had repaired Liu Jimei’s music box before.

Luo Qiuheng gave the letter to Little Taozi. Little Taozi read the letter and expressed her troubles. Uncle Xiang could n’t stand it and offered to help her share some points. After a while, Xiao Taozi was stunned when she read the letter.

Su Wenli invited Luo Qiuheng to eat at her home. Luo Qiuheng said that after thinking about it, the two began discussing the case again. Luo Qiuheng thought that Sun Weiwei might be motivated to commit the crime because he was uncomfortable with the status quo, while Yan Mengdie was because the time was wrong and he was against Liu Ji. Mei’s attitude was suspected, and Su Wenli believed that Mao Jiakang was also motivated.

When Su Wenli mentioned Yang Zhengjun, Luo Qiuheng inexplicably said that he had many women. Then Luo Qiuheng said that Yao Huimin was also very suspicious and also explained the reason. But Su Wenli said it was impossible because she trusted Teacher Yao very much. Later, Xiao Taozi gave Su Wenli the suspicious letter she found. It was written by her desperate husband, and the handwriting was the same as the handwriting that was uncomfortable. Then several people decided to split up.

Su Wenli returned to Linglong Magazine to search for clues while observing everyone’s movements. After everyone had gone, she looked at the blank paper left by Sun Weiwei. Soon Yao Huimin came back. At this time, Su Wenli Already pretending to look in the mirror, no flaws were revealed.

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