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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 13 Recap

Su Wenli asked Lao Song about what happened in the past. Lao Song recalled what happened at Hangzhou City Station seven years ago and then told Su Wenli about it: The three of their brothers met a man at the train station that year. The man dropped a picture, and then the three of them handed it to the police. Su Wenli asked if that person appeared in front of you now, would you guys come out? Lao Song said yes, so Su Wenli wanted to find out The newspaper of that year made Lao Song recognize the man he met.

While reading the newspaper, Su Wenli also thought of what happened back then. Just after Xu Renzhi finished painting this painting, Lin Chujiu rushed in full of alcohol. He was very angry because he was not judged as a professor. On the spot, she pulled Su Wenli away angrily. Su Wenli saw in the newspaper that the three witnesses of the police at the station were Lao Song Lao Liang and Lao Hou, and Lao Hou Lao Liang had already had an accident one after another, so she concluded that those three were also the witnesses the murderer was looking for. Then he quickly called Luo Qiuheng and wanted to know where Lao Song had gone. Luo Qiuheng felt that Lao Song should go to Lao Liang, and Luo Qiuheng was afraid that because Lao Song they would put Su Wenli in danger, he let Xiao Tan go to Lao Song’s house. Check, let Su Wenli never go by herself.

Tan with small peach when it was preparing to go home Laosong was stopped in the middle, Tan heart suddenly threw up a bad feeling, and quickly forced into the crowd, until Laosong home to find the house on fire Old Song, So the neighbors in the neighborhood hurriedly put out the fire to let Lao Song escape from death. He held the picture tightly and remembered the face of the man back then.

The Deputy Chief of the Police Department Jia Tianhao approached Luo Qiuheng and took out a letter from the Hangzhou Police Department. The photo in the letter was the three veterans. He told Luo Qiuheng that the Hangzhou police wanted the Central Patrol House to help find the three veterans. Luo Qiuheng took it. The photo came to Su Wenli. Su Wenli also said that what Lao Song met last night was the face of the murderer seven years ago. Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng thought this matter had nothing to do with Lin Chujiu, and it was Su Wenli. When feeling unable to find it, Luo Qiuheng said that he could find Lin Chujiu. Su Wenli also took the opportunity to take out a set of razors and gave it to Luo Qiuheng. Luo Qiuheng didn’t know what to say after receiving the gift. How happy.

Luo Qiuheng asked Qian Wanhao again for questioning. Qian Wanhao said that his car key was lost when he was talking about the sale of calligraphy and painting. He also specifically stated that the person’s surname was Lin, so Luo Qiuheng found out that the hotel was staying in Lu Siyin through the business card given by Qian Wanhao Hotel, so it is very likely that Lu Siyin was staying in the hotel under Lin Chujiu’s name, so he quickly asked Shen Xiaoan to search the hotel.

Shen Xiaoan hurried to the hotel and got the key of 502, but only found Lu Siyin who was tied up after opening the door. After taking it back to the police station, Su Wenli hurried to the police station, but saw Lu Siyin who was covered in injuries, so she offered to let herself be alone with her for a while. Su Wenli chatted with Lu Siyin, and asked Lu Siyin very caringly. Lu Siyin’s words made the two of them cry. Then Lu Siyin told Su Wenli everything. It turned out that he forced Lu Siyin to come to Su Wenli. Take the picture of a woman in pajamas, but Lu Siyin feels sorry that Su Wenli did not go.

When she discovered that Lin Chujiu stole the picture of a woman in pajamas, she originally asked Lin Chujiu to return the painting, but Lin Chujiu refused to let her hit her and tied her to a chair to prevent her from coming to Su Wenli. Su Wenli said that it was Lin Chujiu who pushed Xu Renzhi off the platform of the train station, and it happened to be seen by Lao Song. So this time Lin Chujiu came to Shanghai to deal with them. Lu Siyin cried and apologized to Su Wenli. Saying that Lin Chujiu hates her, that she is not safe, and let her be careful, but Su Wenli wants to meet Lin Chujiu for a while.

Su Wenli told Luo Qiuheng that Lin Chujiu was busy with painting these days. It happened that Luo Qiuheng said that a CapitaLand Gallery had an art auction recently. They thought that Lin Chujiu would definitely go there, so they planned to set up traps. To prevent Lin Chujiu from running away from the wind, Su Wenli decided to let Uncle Xiang draw Lin Chujiu out with paintings, while Luo Qiuheng set up a net.

The next day after Lin Chujiu came, Su Wenli kept staring at Lin Chujiu, but Luo Qiuheng had to kiss Su Wenli. This action also happened to calm Su Wenli. Old Song saw that Lin Chujiu was already Falling into the trap, she couldn’t control her emotions and rushed directly to fight Lin Chujiu. Su Wenli knew that Lin Chujiu was carrying a gun. She was afraid that Old Song might have an accident, so she hurried up and pulled him down.

Became Lin Chujiu’s hostage, and Shen Xiaoan rushed out in time to flush Lin Chujiu’s gun when the sword was drawn. Su Wenli picked it up at this time. Maybe it was because Lin Chujiu was Su Wenli’s first love. The gun was pointed at Lin Chujiu and was unable to release his hand. Just when Lin Chujiu was about to leave, he was stabbed by Lu Siyin who suddenly appeared behind him. Su Wenli looked at Lin Chujiu who fell on the ground and was very sad, and Lu Siyin finally reported. At the end of Xu Ren’s hatred, a smile rose from the corner of his mouth.

After the case was settled, Xiao Taozi told Uncle Xiang that she had figured it out. Then Luo Qiuheng returned the woman in pajamas to Su Wenli. The two also discussed the painting. Then Su Wenli wanted to invite Luo Qiuheng to play mahjong. Luo Qiuheng said to patrol the house. It was stipulated that mahjong was not allowed, so he switched to playing cards. After a few rounds, Luo Qiuheng won a big victory, and a few people left with a happy face.

Sun Weiwei and Yang Zhengjun worked together, and Yao Huimin urged everyone to rush the manuscript. Deputy editor Liu Jimei was about to leave the magazine after get off work. Just before she left, she fainted when she opened the music box, and the parrot in the room died.

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