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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 12 Recap

Su Wenli hosted Lu Siyin ’s Longjing tea in Shanghai. By the way, she talked to Lu Siyin about Xu Renzhi. Lu Siyin said that she sold a little bit for the sake of life. She also talked about the little things between herself and Xu Renzhi. At that time, his paintings were not worth any money, but after his death, a painting sold at a sky-high price. Moreover, Su Wenli had also worked as a model for Xu Renzhi before. It was the woman in pajamas painted by Xu Renzhi. She saw the painting in the Paris gallery and bought it. And Su Wenli thought of Lu Siyin’s life difficulties and asked Uncle Xiang to take the painting down to her, but Lu Siyin still refused, but after all he couldn’t help Su Wenli, and the two went down to drink tea.

Luo Qiuheng found Xiao Tan and Lao Song for questioning. Xiaoan came over and talked about what she had found. At this time, Lao Song and the others also thought of more things to say. Soon a few people got news that Lao Hou was going to be dying. Hurry to the hospital.

Luo Qiuheng came to the gambling shop, found Qian Wanhao and said that his motive for murder was rejected, and he wanted to use money to bribe Luo Qiuheng. Luo Qiuheng put him on the table. When asked where the car had gone, he said that his car had been stolen. When he was questioned and did not call the police, Qian Wanhao said that he didn’t care about the patrol house when he was scammed, and that there was no news at all.

Su Wenli learned from Lu Siyin that the Hangzhou Police Department has restarted investigations into Xu Renzhi’s death, and that Xu Ren’s death has always been an unsolved mystery. Lu Siyin said that she can’t let it go unless she finds it out. After learning that Su Wenli is now a detective, she entrusted the matter to Su Wenli. At this time, Su Wenli also remembered what happened back then.

Xiao Su Wenli Ann came home again about small peach theater, but was rejected by a small peach, small peach had wanted about about tomorrow, go to the movies was also rejected, Xiao Xiang left Ann tertiary concern only asked a few questions Knowing that it was Xiao Taozi who listened to what Master Juehui said, she said that she always went against the wishes of the Master.

Su Wenli was refused to stay with Lu Siyin, but she had to come to her for something. She confessed affectionately when she was separated. Through Lu Siyin mentioned Lin Chujiu, she also remembered the love affairs with Lin Chujiu back then.

Lao Song and Xiao Tan approached Su Wenli and wanted her to help investigate the case. They also took out all their belongings, but Su Wenli said that if the two of them entrusted her, she would not receive a penny. Xiao Tan and Lao Song think Qian Wanhao is the most suspicious.

Xiao’an was analyzing the crash. Su Wenli came and learned that Qian Wanhao had an accident the day after the car fell. It was very strange, so a few people went to find the car. When the group found the car, they found that it was not the person, but the car he picked up at the entrance of the lane.

He saw a man dropping the car, but he didn’t see the man’s face clearly.

Su Wenli originally invited Lu Siyin to eat at home, but she did not wait for Lu Siyin’s arrival. She also called the hotel and was told that she did not have Lu Siyin’s registration. Su Wenli sensed that there might be something wrong with Lu Siyin, so she asked Xiao Xiao Taozi and Lao Song watched Lu Siyin’s whereabouts. And just after Lao Song and Xiao Tan left, Su Wenli found a man in black when he went upstairs. He stole Su Wenli’s painting of a woman in pajamas and knocked Su Wenli on the ground. After escaping, Su Wenli hurt her foot. Then Luo Qiuheng came, because Xiao Taozi told Luo Qiuheng, and Luo Qiu gently rubbed her feet for Su Wenli after arriving.

Shen Xiaoan was asking about Lu Siyin’s whereabouts at the train station, and found that Lu Siyin was not alone, there were others. Xiaoan found Luo Qiuheng and told him that Lu Siyin came with her husband. Su Wenli shouted that it was impossible, because Xu Renzhi had died seven years ago, and it was impossible for Lu Siyin to remarry with her and Lu Siyin’s Guan Xu. know.

In the evening, Lao Song and Lao Liang were drinking in the tavern. They were drunk while thinking about Lao Hou. After they were separated, Lao Liang was stunned with bricks on the spot. Lao Song was very surprised when he heard the news the next day and also mentioned that year. The three brothers couldn’t stay in Shanghai, they were going all the way to Hangzhou City Station.

Xiaoan and Xiao Taozi watched the opera, Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli sat together to watch the opera, and the theater became lively again. Taking this opportunity, Luo Qiuheng directly expressed his intention to Su Wenli: In fact, he does not like to watch opera, but But because Su Wenli was here, Su Wenli’s mouth turned into a smile, and she said nothing.

In the gambling hall, a group of people were fighting crickets. Qian Wanhao refused to give money because Laohou cheated. After the two had a dispute, Qian Wanhao rushed away and cursed Laohou on the spot when he was hit by a car when he went out. Just after Qian Wanhao left, Lao Hou died on the spot in a car accident as soon as he went out.

Luo Qiuheng received the alarm and asked Shen Xiaoan to go to the site first. On the other hand, Su Wenli welcomed her friend Lu Siyin from Suzhou at home. When she mentioned the opening ceremony of the painting exhibition, Su Wenli said that she had been there yesterday and also met Lin Chujiu.

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