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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 13 Recap

Su Ci came to Pei Zhao and asked Feiyu if Pei Zhao ’s eye disease had relapsed. Feiyu told what had happened that night because the application could not be interrupted, but Pei Zhao went out that night to save Su Ci. . Pei Zhao heard the voice and let Su Ci in. Su Ci asked Pei Zhao that the last page of Qu Linjiang’s book had been torn off. Did he arrange it? Su Ci knew that it was because Pei Zhao rescued Su. After resigning, he did not go to the hospital in time, but handled the evidence for her. Su Ci felt guilty that she could not repay Pei Zhao. Pei Zhao said that this was his willingness, so that Su Ci did not feel guilty.

Su Ci promised to take care of Pei Zhao during this period of time when his eyes were invisible. Pei Zhao said that he had been suffering from a chronic illness for many years, which was difficult to cure, and that his eyes were injured by the vine. Pei Zhao asked Dong Rushuang to help Su Ci to see if the drug in his body was completely eliminated. Dong Rushuang said that it was not a serious problem. Dong Rushuang and Xie Beiming said that they would do their best to heal Pei Zhao’s eyes, and they all left. Pei Zhao asked Fei Yuan to clean up the things in his house, so that Su Ci would not discover his identity. Su Ci went to find books about diet.

Xie Beiming saw that Dong Rushuang was doing medicine but was absent-minded. Dong Rushuang said he was okay and left. Su Ci stewed Pei Zhao soup in the kitchen. Xie Beiming brought ginseng and let Su Ci stew. Su Ci made it according to the book, not very professional. Xie Beiming made noodles, but the technique was not good. Su Ci brought the soup. Pei Zhao said it was a bit salty and had a strange taste. Pei Zhao heard that Su Ci made the soup and drank it all in one breath. Xie Beiming gave Dong Rushuang the dessert he made. Dong Rushuang disliked it too sweet.

Xie Beiming said that he just wanted Dong Wushuang to be happy. Dong Rushuang said that he was deceived by a friend. Xie Ming asked him if this friend was a malicious deception. Otherwise, the sad person should be a deceiver. Xie Beiming said that Dong Rushuang burst into tears. Soon, he said that he was okay, and that he was worried about Pei Zhao’s poison. Xie Beiming said that he believed Dong Rushuang could do it.

At night, Pei Zhao felt very hot and asked Fei Yen to prepare bath water. Su Ci came over at this time, and Pei Zhao thought it was Fei Yuan, so he asked Su Ci to undress himself, and Su Ci stubbornly went up and was disgusted with soot. At this time, Pei Zhao admitted that he liked Su Ci and wanted to protect her. This was Fei Yuan shouting outside the door, when the water came, Su Ci ran away in a hurry. Feiyuan came to Dong Rushuang and told her that Pei Zhao had a nosebleed.

Dong Rushuang asked if he had eaten something tonic. Pei Zhao asked Fei Yen to make a sweet soup to reduce the fire and spread Fei Yen. Then Pei Zhao and Dong Rushuang talked about the fact that Su Ci was pretending to be a woman and deceived them. Pei Zhao said something wrong. Rushuang felt that Su Ci did not.

Dong Rushuang was a little discouraged when he was studying the prescription for treatment, worried that he could not cure the raised eyes. Xie Beiming came over to cheer for Rushuang and stayed with Rushuang to study the prescription for Pei Zhao’s eyes, but Xie Beiming fell asleep because he couldn’t hold on.

The next day, Dong Rushuang prepared a formula that could be treated, and Doctor Zhang told Feiyuan that the toxins had spread, so he should not go to the doctor for sudden illness, and could not believe the liar. Dong Rushuang interrupted to fight poison with poison, but Doctor Zhang didn’t think. The doctor Zhang revealed the identity of King Pei Zhaoqi in desperation, and it was not something that Dong Rushuang could treat. At this time, Su Ci came to bring soup to Pei Zhao, and heard that Pei Zhao turned out to be King Qi, overturned the soup, turned and left.

Dong Rushuang came to see Su Ci and asked her if she knew how she felt cheated. Su Ci apologized. Dong Rushuang used Xie Beiming’s previous comforting words to comfort Su Ci. Then he said that Su Ci came to Pei Zhao and said that he needed to discuss the treatment of the eyes. Dong Rushuang said that fighting poison with poison would be life-threatening. Feiyuan thought it was too dangerous, but Xie Beiming said he could give it a try.

But Su Ci let Pei Zhao make his own decision and would accompany him. But Pei Zhao decided to take a chance, Wushuang started the treatment, and everyone was helping. After a few days, Dong Wushuang had already forced the toxin into his eyes. It took two hours for the drugs to conflict. Feiyuan, Xie Beiming, and Dong Rushuang had all left.

Only Su Ci was taking care of them in the room. At this time, Dong Rushuang, who was outside the door, was not confident that he could cure Pei Zhao’s eye disease. Pei Zhao told her not to be angry with him and deceived her. Actually, I wanted to find a good time to tell her. Su Ci felt that King Qi was far away from her, so Pei Zhao let Su Ci quickly become familiar with it during this time. I think Wang Qi is quite easy to get along with. Su Ci expressed that it was an honor to meet the great hero in his mind.

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