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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 10 Recap

Su Ci approached Xiao Yun for interrogation. Su Ci asked Xu Zhi if there was anything abnormal. Xiao Yun Xu Zhi once said that the rain here was very good. It was rainy.

King Yun approached the emperor and asked how to deal with Xu Zhi’s death. King Yun suggested that Fu Ziyou be dismissed as the commander of the Forbidden Army, and the emperor decided to demote Fu Ziyou. At this time, Pei Zhao came to see the emperor, and King Yun left. The emperor worried that Zhenyuanhou would turn his anger on Pei Zhao.

Pei Zhao came to Su Ci and learned that Su Ci was dealing with the case. Pei Zhao and Su Ci went to the morgue together. There was a smell of powder on Xu Zhi’s belt, so Dong Rushuang brought it back for inspection.

Pei Zhao and Su Ci came to find Mr. Qu, Qu Linjiang, because they went to Qu Linjiang to paint Xu Zhi before. Su Ci asked Xu Zhi if he had any unusual behavior. Qu Linjiang said that he did not. Qu Linjiang told them that he had found those eyes for the painting that had no eyes on them.

Dong Rushuang came to the powder shop and inquired about the lipstick in his hand. Are there any exceptions?

Pei Zhao went to apologize to Zhenyuan Hou, but Zhenyuan Hou accused Pei Zhao of being a fool. He knew that someone was making trouble but only wanted to protect himself. He should be a breaker, saying that Pei Zhao let him down.

Dong Rushuang has found the powder on the wedding gown, which is from Northern Xinjiang, and the nobles love it very much. Dong Rushuang said that Xu Zhi must not have committed suicide, and suspected that someone was walking rumors. Su Ci didn’t care when Pei Zhao was eating, so Xie Beiming came and showed Su Ci the news he found. Su Ci said that Xu Zhi was different from the previous deceased. There was too much evidence at the scene and the wedding dress was not worn by herself. Pei Zhao said that the murderer’s precise design of killing methods must be a thoughtful person.

In the evening, Pei Zhao was drinking in his room. Su Ci came to look for him. Su Ci asked him if he was on his mind and hoped that he would not carry it by himself. Pei Zhao said that King Qi was involved and had unshirkable responsibilities. For example, Zhenyuanhou was an open-minded person. Su Ci said that he would find out the truth as soon as possible, so as not to embarrass King Qi. When Pei Zhao’s sweet wine glass was leaked, the lover’s lock was leaked. It was said by the fortune teller at Puhua Temple. Su Ci saw it and left with embarrassed excuses for something to be done.

Su Cici returned to the room, still figuring out how the murderer committed the crime, and found something.

The next day Su Ci asked Xiaoyun for questioning. Su Ci said that Xu Zhi’s relics were a lot less. Xiaoyun said that she would take care of her when she enters the palace. The rewards were all pearl hairpins, no powder, and she found Xiaoyun fingers. Something’s wrong, Xiaoyun said it was lip fat, but it couldn’t wipe it off. Su Ci said that Xiaoyun had killed Xu Zhi, but Xiaoyun said that it was for Princess Qi’s bet. Zhenyuanhou came to the cell to interrogate Xiaoyun and asked her to tell the truth. Xiaoyun cried and said no, and committed suicide.

Pei Zhao is still remembering the reprimands Zhenyuanhou had to him before, and the soldiers who had fought on the battlefield before. I remembered that I was going to be safe before, it is better to go against the trend now.

Pei Zhao came to Zhenyuanhou and said that he would like to thank Zhenyuanhou for his previous reprimands. He was still jealous when he said that he had given up his military power but did not get peace. He also said that killing Xu Zhi is also a game, two birds at one time, destroying the marriage, destroying the relationship with the royal family, someone is operating all this behind, Pei Zhao said that he will follow it to the end.

King Yun’s subordinates reported to King Yun that Hou Zhenyuan was about to leave the capital. Pei Zhao also pleaded guilty to Hou Zhenyuan. He also deliberately raised that Su Ci broke Xu Zhi’s case and solved several major cases. He has been following King Qi. Next to him was King Qi’s chess set, and King Yun asked him to check it carefully.

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