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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement (2020)怦然心动的小姐姐第二季

The bewitching young lady S2 (2020)
Other Title:  怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 / Sisters Palpitate With Excitement / 怦然心动的小姐姐 / Peng Ran Xin Dong De Xiao Jie Jie / The Beloved Little Sister

Genres: drama, Romance
Yang Zongde
Release Date: 
September 1, 2020
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  • Liu Yun
  • Song Mingyu
  • Xu Yue
  • Chen Xinxuan
  • Yu Jiamiao

The double betrayal of the fiancé and the plastic girlfriend in the second season of the stunned young lady almost destroyed Yi Wen’s spiritual world. Fortunately, Peng Xizhe’s encouragement allowed her to regain her dignity and self-confidence, and she became the most famous “ghost” photographer in the circle. She can live independently, do laundry, cook and clean, have a job she loves, and a fixed source of income. . Facing Xizhe’s affectionate confession, Su Yiwen realized that Peng Xizhe had always given her courage and hope in the past, and even helped her find her original dream, and that she had done too little for Peng Xizhe.

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