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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 2 Recap

Lin Feng told Shen Ruoyan , programmers and invitations, she must do one thing for herself. If she went to Su’s family for the trivial matter of the invitation, they would probably not marry her daughter. As for Peng Xizhe , since he is a college student who has not yet graduated, he would encourage him by drawing cakes. What the two didn’t expect was that their every move in the car was secretly photographed. Su Yiwu talked to Peng Xizhe at home, what plans he had after graduation, Peng Xizhe said that she was hesitant to go to a big company or start her own business. Su Yiwu said that she thinks the two are not contradictory, because no matter which one you choose, the most important thing is your mentality.

Always remember that work is for a better life. Graduation is just the beginning and the future is the most important thing. . Su Yiwen watched the two people talk and laugh, and was full of jealousy on one side, coldly saying that there are too many fresh graduates now, don’t pick and choose. Su Yiwu ignored her, and only said that her studio would be renovated soon, and that she would move out at that time. Peng Xizhe also said that after she got a job, she would also move out. This made Su Yiwen a little unhappy. She felt a little lonely living in such a big house alone. While talking, Lin Feng called Su Yiwen and said that he missed her very much recently.

Su Yiwu knocked on Peng Xizhe’s room door, and she asked Peng Xizhe if he regretted being so impulsive. Peng Xizhe said that she didn’t know why he was at odds. Su Yiwu said that his attitude just now would only send Su Yiwen in the arms of other men. But Peng Xizhe felt that Lin Feng was too good. Compared with himself, he could make Su Yiwen happy. Su Yiwu said that she knew Su Yiwen very well. She actually didn’t like him, but didn’t want to fall in love. Su Yiwen agreed to meet Lin Feng, and he was willing to eat at a roadside food stall for the first time. This surprised Su Yiwen. He said that he had called Su Yiwen and was picked up by her sister. He also said that he fired Andy because he framed Su Yiwen. Su Yiwen seemed to be relieved of the unpleasant things when he said this, saying that he would adapt to being his girlfriend and fiancee as soon as possible.

Su Yiwen returned home and saw her sister Su Yiwu coming out of Peng Xizhe’s room. Her heart seemed to be touched by something. She recalled the memories of her getting along with Peng Xizhe, but she lingered between Lin Feng and Peng Xizhe. She seemed a little confused. . Su Yiwen came out after taking a shower and saw two gifts and two cameras. Su Yiwu analyzed her, and Peng Xizhe knew her better and should be more aware of her preferences. Su Yiwen looked at the two cameras and wanted to take them back to Peng Xizhe. She said that she could not increase Peng Xizhe’s financial pressure. Su Yiwu couldn’t see that she was too possessive of Peng Xizhe, the two sisters suddenly quarreled, and she directly said that she would move out tonight.

After Su Yiwu left, Peng Xizhe came to Su Yiwen’s room to comfort her. In fact, Su Yiwen was still very worried about her sister and said that her original intention was not to quarrel with her. She said that Peng Xizhe was because of the camera he sent, but she still agreed to Peng Xizhe to help them take pictures of the ice hockey game. Peng Xizhe asked Su Yiwen to agree to herself that if one day comes out, she must remember that the first camera was given to her by herself. Su Yiwu recalled what Su Yiwen said about her, saying that she ran back to China regardless of her family.

She recalled what happened to her husband before returning to China. It turned out that her husband said that she had cheated and warned her that as a divorce lawyer, she would not let her succeed. He also beat her in front of her son. In order to encourage everyone to dig Peng Xizhe into the company as soon as possible, Lin Feng announced to everyone that whoever finishes it first will accept him as the head of the creative department. At the meeting, Shen Ruoyan made it clear that she had discovered Andy’s previous private correspondence with Jiang Ping. Jiang Ping was angry but ran to her to ask for an explanation. Andy had already secretly investigated Lin Feng’s relationship between men and women.

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