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Sisters Palpitate With Excitement 怦然心动的小姐姐第二季 Episode 1 Recap

After Su Yiwu saw the painting of her sister Su Yiwen, she quickly called Peng Xizhe and said that she wanted to surprise him. When Peng Xizhe saw that painting, it turned out to be his own dream, he was a little stunned. Su Yiwu said that her sister had always liked painting, but she was forced to stop this hobby because she had to take an exam. Su Yiwen took several photos and first posted a Weibo, saying that he was ready to start a new day. Lin Feng saw Su Yiwen’s Weibo and prepared to send her a camera specially suited for girls.

In the evening, Su Yiwen asked Peng Xizhe why her sister hadn’t come back for dinner, and said that she felt that Su Yiwu returned to China this time was a bit strange, and she refused to tell her parents. Peng Xizhe asked her if she was planning to buy herself a camera with the money from the food and broadcasting bonus, so that she wouldn’t use a mobile phone. Su Yiwen had already lent the money to Shen Ruoyan , and said that others hadn’t paid it back.

After returning to the room, she found that the door of her closet was not closed, and after a closer look, she found that the painting was missing. She quickly found Peng Xizhe and wanted to see if there was any in his room. Seeing Peng Xizhe wiping the club, she recalled how the two of them were when they were young. She told Peng Xizhe that he was really exactly the same as when he was a child and asked Peng Xizhe to show himself the cue. Su Yiwen took the pole, and Peng Xizhe saw that she could not fight, so he taught it by hand.

Su Yiwu took Su Yiwen’s painting and hung it in her newly rented house. She also said that since the two of them have a clear heart, why didn’t they say it. Early the next morning, Su Yiwu was teaching Peng Xizhe to make cake rolls. After eating, Su Yiwen praised it. Peng Xizhe asked her if she was fired by someone else, because it was already 11 o’clock. Su Yiwen explained that the company’s affairs are relatively small recently, so I can go later. She made an appointment with Shen Ruoyan and the two met at the beach. Shen Ruoyan asked her why she had been absent-minded.

Su Yiwen said that she finally understands the feeling of laid-off workers, going out during the day to find someone to pass the time, and even pretending to be someone when she comes home at night. Shen Ruoyan said, do you hide small fresh meat in your house, or why you have to explain it to others. She told Su Yiwen that Jiang Ping missed her very much since she left her job, and still wanted to find Lin Feng to help her fight the injustice.

Speaking of the company, she directly told Su Yiwen that the company was busy participating in the government’s business summit, but she never got the invitation letter and asked Su Yiwen if she could ask her father to help. Although Lin Feng likes the software developed by Peng Xizhe very much, Shen Ruoyan was directly refused to talk to him, so the situation is still not open for a while. Speaking of Su Yiwen and Lin Feng’s marriage, Su Yiwen said that both parents are already preparing for the wedding, but he has not contacted him once since he and Lin Feng had a deadlock.

Lin Feng discussed with Jiang Ping in the company, thinking about what to do to bring Peng Xizhe under his command, but he didn’t know what he wanted. Ye Zishan spent 3,000 yuan to buy Peng Xizhe’s club. Her brother asked her if she had a brain problem and spent so much money on this thing. Ye Zishan looked at him and asked him to pay him the money. Unexpectedly, Ye Zijun said that she would not exchange Peng Xizhe’s love for such wishful thinking. Love should be equal. At this time, Su Yiwen came suddenly, and she asked Ye Zishan about why she was arguing with her brother. Su Yiwen listened to Ye Zishan’s feelings for Peng Xizhe, and she felt as if she had never had that kind of feeling, especially wanting to get along with someone for a long time.

Speaking of the relationship between himself and Lin Feng, Su Yiwen was also blunt, saying that he felt that Lin Feng and himself were just playing with him, and now he can’t completely trust him. After the two talked a lot, they found that Peng Xizhe seemed to have no interest in anyone, and even suspected his sexual orientation. Su Yiwen went to Peng Xizhe’s school with Ye Zishan, and was ready to test him. Peng Xizhe heard the meaning in the words and said that although he did not have a girlfriend, he had someone he liked. He privately used the money from selling clubs to buy a camera to give to Su Yiwen.

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