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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 9 Recap

The three people experimented with rubber, which is Yin Wangshan’s alchemy. To be on the safe side, Yin Wangshan put it in a book and waited for someone to fetch it. Su Wenli told Luo Qiuheng that she had let Lao Song and Xiao Tan fetch it. In the last second, Luo Qiuheng suspected that the two people were counting on whether or not they were looking for it. As soon as he turned, Lao Song and Xiao Tan brought the drunk over.

Su Wenli asked the drunk to eat breakfast and asked some questions, but most of them were useless information. Little Taozi thought it was not worthwhile, but Su Wenli said that it would be a blessing to let a homeless man have a full meal. Su Wenli asked Xiao Taozi how to throw such a beautiful flower, Xiao Taozi said what Ruqing said, this flower is very poisonous.

Luo Qiuheng found Su Wenli. The two were flipping through the book to find evidence. Su Wenli suddenly remembered that Li Huilan had said that Yin Wangshan liked “Li Taibai’s Poems” the most, and discussed with Luo Qiuheng that what Yin Wangshan was waiting for might not be remuneration but poison, so he hurriedly I found the book and opened it.

As expected, she found the poison inside. She explained the poison to Luo Qiuheng. Luo Qiuheng was still feeling when she changed from a criminologist to a botanist. By the way To find out where she got this kind of thing, Su Wenli thought that this was the flower that Wu Haixi had sent before. Then Su Wenli asked Luo Qiuheng to check whether the flower was poisonous from the other side flower, and she went to see where the flower grew.

When Su Wenli came to Wu Zuwen’s garden, she made no secret that she was only interested in poisonous plants, and then she found a few missing flowers in the garden. Wu Zuwen was about to call Wu Haixi over to explain, but Wu Zutong, who rushed in a panic, told Wu Haixi that he had been kidnapped, and the other party’s request was to exchange the secret recipe. Su Wenli, Wu Zutong and Wu Zuwen went to rescue Wu Wu Haixi, and then asked Xiao Taozi to call Luo Qiuheng.

After receiving the call, Xiaoan told Luo Qiuheng what had happened. Su Wenli saw Wu Zutong’s gown and then thought of the tramp The gowns worn by the two were exactly the same, so she quietly took out the gun at Wu Zutong and ordered him to take off his coat. She also found the injury on his right arm, which means that the person who went to the bookstore to steal the book that day It is Wu Zutong. Then Su Wenli threatened Wu Zutong to take them to find Wu Haixi. While Wu Zuwen and Su Wenli were relaxing, Wu Zutong snatched the gun and threatened Su Wenli and the others, and also told them what happened and the death of Yin Wangshan. The truth is that Chakdan’s death is related to Su Wenli.

When Wu Zutong threatened Wu Zuwen to tie Su Wenli up, Wu Haixi sat up and blocked a shot. Luo Qiuheng, who happened to be here, heard the gunshots, so the two hurried over. Here, Wu Zuwen interceded with Wu Zutong and wanted to arouse his sympathy to save Wu Haixi, but was rejected by Wu Zutong mercilessly. Luo Qiuheng and Xiaoan came over. At that time, Wu Zutong threatened Wu Zuwen to let them let her go, but was figured out by Su Wenli’s aggressive method. After letting go, Wu Zuwen was about to commit suicide. The result was that there were no bullets. It turned out that Su Wenli forgot to load the bullet.

Su Wenli rushed to the police station and Li Huilan was acquitted. After a conversation, the two embraced and hugged and left. Xiao Tan dismissed the partner Lao Song had found. After Lao Song came out, he found out that he had teased Xiao Tan and said that Xiao Tan was going to plant grapes. The two reconciled after a few words.

Su Wenli found Luo Qiuheng and said that she envied Li Huilan, and also discussed Yin Wangshan’s wife in Peking by the way. Then Su Wenli helped Luo Qiuheng shave and talked to each other about her relationship history. Su Wenli also said that she would give him a new razor at that time, and Luo Qiuheng said that she helped him solve the case and gave him Razor, should I invite her to dinner? Su Wenli narcissistically said that she wanted to invite her to dinner.

Guan Litian and Zhang Shaoqiu were playing against each other. Zhang Shaoqiu was a little bit robbed of the show, so Guan Litian was a little angry and said, let’s stop here. Guan Litian went in to find Jiang Genfa to complain about Zhang Shaoqiu. Jiang Genfa was comforting Guan Litian but was panicked by the flash of the light. The two went out to investigate and found Qiao Ruijuan’s soul. Guan Litian was wondering, and found a note on the ground. .

Su Wenli brought Xiao Taozi to the show because of Xiao Taozi’s birthday. She asked Xiao Taozi to read more posters first, and went to boss Lu first. Lu Naifei introduced that Bai Lide and Su Wenli knew each other, and then she and Su Wen after Bai Lide left. Li simply recounted the past, and asked Su Wenli to help solve some problems about Qiao Ruijuan’s suicide. Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi are discussing Zhang Shaoqiu, and Luo Qiuheng is here. Backstage Zhang Shaoqiu and Guan Litian quarreled again. Litian fainted shortly after going out to perform.

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