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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 8 Recap

Lao Song had a fight with the black-clothed masked man, and Lao Song successfully fired a shot in the upper corner of the black-clothed man’s right arm.

Su Wenli sighed that this book seemed nothing special. Little Taozi told Su Wenli that the medal she had asked her to check before was very impressive. It was the Baoding Medal. In the 18th year of the Republic of China, the central government awarded it to a soldier of Weiguo meritorious service, Xiao Taozi. Tell Su Wenli that Lao Song had served as a soldier in General Chen Tiaoyuan’s army, and Uncle Xiang said that Mr. Wu asked to seehim.

Lao Song was jealous and found a partner, and then Xiao Taozi came and told them that there was a task that must be completed by the two of them. Su Wenli told Wu Haixi the evidence she found. During the reading process, Wu Haixi found a piece of paper hidden in the book. , Because it was the Manchu Wu Haixi who didn’t understand, the two then found Chakedan and wanted him to help translate, but Chakedan asked her to hand it over to him. Su Wenli refused, and found that Chakedan had some foam in her hands. Pao, the two of them had to leave.

I came to Yin Wangshan’s laboratory and found a book that had just been torn off by one page. I asked to bring it back. I also found some paintings on the wall.

Su Wenli came to the prison to visit Li Huilan and took out something that matched her brooch. Then she said, “Do you love Yin Wangshan? Li Huilan said she was too much. Su Wenli said she couldn’t help her if she didn’t say anything, so Li Huilan She admitted and said what she knew about Yin Wangshan. She said that the night before Yin Wangshan’s death, she told her that he was going to start reading “Li Taibai’s Poems”. She also said that Yin Wangshan had a fiancee. The most important thing was that Yin Wangshan had a major experiment. Find.

Xiaoan found Su Wenli and told her that Luo Qiuheng had some serious things to look for her, it was about sabotaging the crime scene and breaking into private houses. After Luo Qiuheng said it, Su Wenli vetoed a lot, but Luo Qiuheng was still angry, and Su Wen Li acted like a baby and said that she was wrong. Suddenly Luo Qiuheng said that she could share Yin Wangshan’s autopsy report with her because she had a good confession attitude.

It was likely that she died through injection or contact with poison, and said something else. Su Wenli then suspected Chakdan about her discovery, and talked about the paper she found and Chakdan. Then Su Wenli borrowed the piece of paper. Luo Qiuheng asked curiously how she proved that Li Huilan was not a murderer. Su Wenli said that because she loves Yin Wangshan, she is not such a woman.

Wu Haixi visited Su Wenli and told her that her father knew Manwen, but because of family reasons, his father would not teach him Manchu, so Wu Haixi told her father’s itinerary and asked her to find him for an interpreter. Su Wenli said in the afternoon I can tell him Wu Haixi left after translating the content, and then let Xiao Taozi go to Wu Haixi’s father in the afternoon.

Old Song Xiaotan found Gong Lao San to ask about the medal, and learned that he had sold the medal long ago, and left after getting the exact news.

Xiao Taozi came to the bookstore and found that only Wu Zutong was the only one who explained that Wu Zutong also praised Wu Zuwen Manchu after coming to the bookstore. Then, after Wu Zuwen came, he got the translation answer: Only through the flames can the intangible become tangible.

Su Wenli and Wu Haixi went to check when they were studying at home when they heard something. They found that a masked man was looking for something. After forcing him to pull off his scarf, they found that this person was Chakdan. Su Wenli still didn’t know what Chakdan was looking for. Give up, let him take off his coat but did not find the wound on his right shoulder, and then Chakdan left.

Su Wenli told Xiao Taozi that the content in Yin Wangshan was not strychnine, but was exposed to poisoning. Then she asked Xiao Taozi to contact Ruqing and ask her to visit after get off work. Luo Qiuheng got an interpreter and used lighter baking paper to get the secret answer. , And then learned that Chakdan had an accident.

Chakedan died in Yin Wangshan’s laboratory. Xiao Tan’s money was stolen. Old Song saw a brave act. After taking the money back, the two were still arguing when they went out. They happened to find the person wearing the Baoding Medal.

Little Taozi found Ruqing to popularize knowledge. Ruqing saw the flowers sent by Wu Haixi before, and said that it was like that bunch of other flowers, containing colchicine which was highly toxic, and then left.

Ruqing found Su Wenli and did an experiment, and got a condensed thing—rubber. Artificial rubber is comparable to turning stones into gold.

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