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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 7 Recap

Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng told Wu Wending that they suspected that the real weapon was here, and then told him everything Chen Ailian had said. Who knew Wu Wending said after hearing that she did not do it at all, and they also admitted that people killed themselves, and said After what happened, the reason was that he thought Chen Ailian and Feng Chu were better off, but Qi Huaimin doubted that it was impossible, because Wu Wending was playing the trumpet that day, and then Su Wenli took out the poster in the backstage and the dart marks on the poster. , I also took the trumpet for a demonstration. Chen Ailian also explained Chen Ailian’s crime, and told Wu Wending that he had to tell her love before she understood. Then Luo Qiuheng asked the police to take him away.

Little Taozi dressed up as an appointment to meet Shen Xiaoan to watch a movie. After Xiaoan watched it, she was amazed and praised her good looks. After entering, Xiao Taozi asked about the whereabouts of the other two movie tickets, Xiao Taozi said that he could look back at the eighteenth row, and then saw An Ziyu and his brother An Zixiong.

Luo Qiuheng found Su Wenli and wanted to know how she had a genius imagination and guessed the genius modus operandi. Su Wenli explained that the words of An Zixiong’s brother inspired her, and then Luo Qiuheng took out a pretending to be her two friends The photo bag, persuaded her to ruin her. After Su Wenli left, Luo Qiuheng took out the photos that Su Wenli had taken at the police station. He felt a little bit pampered and said: Didn’t you say you twisted your ankle that day? con man.

Chakedan was auctioning the Shang dynasty bronze ding, Wu Haixi was still anxiously saying why Yin Wangshan hadn’t come yet, then Chakedan glanced at Wu Haixi and felt that they knew each other.

Li Huilan was writing something in the bookstore, and Yin Wangshan happened to be reading and drinking coffee in this bookstore. It was very pleasant. Then Yin Wangshan fell to the ground without knowing what was going on, foaming at the mouth, Li Huilan hurried over after hearing the sound, and took a ruler and put it in his mouth.

The picture turned around and came to the auction room again. Su Wenli took the photo at a price of one thousand two hundred oceans when the competition was fierce. Who knew Wu Zuwen came at the last moment. He said that he did not agree, that was his thing, and then Angrily took the things and left, leaving behind a bunch of guests looking at each other. Su Wenli chased it out and talked about the value of this bronze cauldron. She also said that if he changed his mind, he could contact me at any time. Wu Zuwen said it was impossible in the first second, but was told that Wangshan had an accident in the next second. After a few people entered, Su Wenli judged that Yin Wangshan had died because of a seizure. Su Wenli suggested to call Luo Qiuheng directly.

Luo Qiuheng reach the site of the incident is Old Song Xiao Tan saw, also, to discuss a moment, then he ran into Li Qiao Xiao Tan sister. Luo Qiuheng mocked that Su Wenli could touch the dead when buying an antique, so he went to ask Li Huilan about the situation, and Su Wenli 1 also found a white thing next to the dead, and then went around to observe. Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng bet that Yin Wangshan was poisoned to death. Luo Qiuheng asked Su Wenli to go back, but was threatened by the news and things that Su Wenli found. Luo Qiuheng had no choice but to let her stay. Su Wenli thought of Chakdan when she returned to the auction place.

Little Taozi asked about the wedding between Li Qiaomei and Xiao Tan. Mei Qiao said that she might go back to farm and so on. Xiao Taozi asked Xiao Tan what to do with the taxi he and Lao Song drove together. Mei Qiao said it was dangerous and didn’t want Xiao Tan. Continued, and Lao Song was also very upset when he heard that, and just asked someone to replace Xiao Tan and left. Wu Zuwen and Wu Haixi found Miss Aisi Detective Agency and asked Su Wenli to be Li Huilan’s lawyer. Wu Zuwen also talked about Li Huilan’s affairs, and then used Sanyang Liding as a reward for Su Wenli to agree.

Su Wenli came to the police station to find Luo Qiuheng and said that she was here to assist him. Luo Qiuheng also told the general content of the book that Yin Wangshan had borrowed. He also found poison in the library. Su Wenli successfully saw it as an agent Li Huilan, talked about Yin Wangshan and left.

Su Wenli and Lao Song came to the library to find the record of Yin Wangshan’s borrowing. At this moment, a man in black and a mask stole the book. Lao Song ripped off the record and fought with that person.

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