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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 11 Recap

Su Wenli learned from Lu Naifei that Qiao Ruijuan liked jasmine most during her lifetime, and also knew about Qiao Ruijuan’s family status. She has a younger sister named Qiao Ruixian.

Luo Qiuheng found Su Wenli and exchanged the news he had received. For example, every time Qiao Ruijuan appeared with a female ghost, she would have her favorite jasmine, and the handwriting was exactly the same as Qiao Ruijuan. The beneficiary of Guan Litian’s will before his death was Jiang Genfa.

The two decided to find Jiang Genfa again, but Zhang Shaoqiu’s attendant opened the door. They were told that this place had been temporarily used by Zhang Shaoqiu, and then they went to find Zhang Shaoqiu. They saw that Zhang Qiuqiu was rehearsing with Qin Yiyan, but Qin Yiyan Dissatisfied with Zhang Qiu’s dislocation, she left angrily. After she left, Zhang Qiu asked Su Wenli to help her stand down. Su Wenli just smelled a scent of jasmine on the stage, and the chandelier fell loose and fell down. Fortunately, Luo Qiuheng has quick eyes and quick hands. Su Wenli was pulled, but Zhang Qiusheng was hit by a chandelier and died on the spot.

After Lu Naifei came, Luo Qiuheng said that there was no haunting incident at all. Then Luo Qiuheng asked Su Wenli to rest in the background. Su Wenli suddenly saw the desk lamp flashing in the background, and also saw Qiao Ruijuan’s phantom. A note fell in front of her. Su Wenli was preparing to find out on her own. Luo Qiuheng came. Su Wenli showed Luo Qiuheng the note she picked up. It said that the next one was you. Luo Qiuheng decided to protect Su Wenli every step of the way.

The two ran into Baride as soon as they left the theater. Baride invited Su Wenli to dinner, but Luo Qiuheng was jealous and didn’t want Su Wenli to go, but Su Wenli pretended not to understand and accepted the appointment. Su Wenli and Bai Lide simply talked and ate and they separated.

After Luo Qiuheng went back, Xiaoan told him that he had eaten it and let him eat it himself, who knew that Luo Qiuheng became even more angry after listening to it, and he directly mocked Xiaoan and asked the girl to eat if he had two bad money.

Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi came to Qiao Ruixian’s place to stay, but unexpectedly saw Qin Yiyan’s figure, and then pretended to be a friend of Qin Yiyan’s and went in. They guessed Qin Yiyan through their own observations and conjectures and Qin Yiyan’s words. It was Qiao Ruijuan’s child, and also guessed that Qin Yiyan’s biological father was Lu Naifei.

Xiao Taozi told Su Wenli that Xu Chuankui hadn’t found out much, and only found his name on the list of Hangzhou fire victims in an old newspaper. Then Su Wenli found Luo Qiuheng and told him about Qin Yiyan’s relationship with Lu Naifei. Luo Qiuheng also told Su Wenli that he had captured Jiang Genfa. Jiang Genfa confessed to Luo Qiuheng that Guan Lisheng had been obsessed with opium for a while, and it happened to be Su Wen. Li mentioned Bai Lide, and Luo Qiuheng had a dispute with Su Wenli as soon as he heard it. Then Su Wenli asked Jiang Genfa to continue to say that the two also received more effective information. Jiang Genfa obeyed the doctor’s order to allow Guan Lisheng to go on stage normally. I bought opium wine for Guan Lisheng, and thought that he had overfilled it, which harmed Guan Lisheng.

Then Su Wenli went to a Korean forensic doctor again, and the result was that there was no opium in it. Then I found Luo Qiuheng and said that she thought Jiang Genfa was being used by others, but Luo Qiuheng didn’t think so, and when he mentioned that he was her new friend, he was angry.

After returning, Su Wenli went home and racked her brains to think about the origin of the ghost, but she was inspired by the old movie that Xiao Taozi accidentally said, and asked her to go to the Tianchan Theater tomorrow to meet her and inform by the way. Let’s go with Luo Qiuheng.

The next day, Su Wenli demonstrated to everyone on the spot the method of summoning Qiao Ruijuan, and the person who did all of this was probably someone who was very familiar with Qiao Ruijuan. After Lu Naifei retorted, he also confessed affectionately to the ghost. Su Wenli must meet three conditions, and that person is Xu Ruisheng, also Xu Chuankui of the year. After Xu Ruisheng was exposed, he also tore his face and told the truth. And Qin Yiyan also successfully recognized Lu Naifei. Xiaoan finds Little Taozi, the two of them have an ambiguous atmosphere, and Little Taozi ran away.

Xiaoan and Xiao Taozi watched the opera, Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli sat together to watch the opera, and the theater became lively again. Taking this opportunity, Luo Qiuheng directly expressed his intention to Su Wenli: In fact, he does not like to watch opera, but But because Su Wenli was here, Su Wenli’s mouth turned into a smile, and she said nothing.

In the gambling hall, a group of people were fighting crickets. Qian Wanhao refused to give money because Laohou cheated. After the two had a dispute, Qian Wanhao rushed away and cursed Laohou on the spot when he was hit by a car when he went out. Just after Qian Wanhao left, Lao Hou died on the spot in a car accident as soon as he went out.

Luo Qiuheng received the alarm and asked Shen Xiaoan to go to the site for investigation first. On the other side, Su Wenli welcomed her friend Lu Siyin from Suzhou at home, and mentioned the opening ceremony of the painting. Su Wenli said that she had been there yesterday and also met Lin Chujiu.

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