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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 10 Recap

Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng were watching the show. Luo Qiuheng asked why the scene was suddenly cold. Su Wenli explained that it was because Zhang Shaoqiu had added the show to herself. Soon Guan Litian fell to the ground. Lu Naifei approached Sun Wenli and said that something was wrong. When he got backstage, Zhang Shaoqiu was still arguing with Lu Naifei about acting. Luo Qiuheng watched for a while and said that he didn’t need to call a doctor anymore. He was dead and poisoned. Luo Qiuheng asked Lu Naifei whether he usually has an enemy and does not rule out the possibility of murder.

Lu Naifei said that he usually has no enemies. Just when they were about to leave, Zhang Shaoqiu said that Guan Litian’s clothes would be stripped off for future use. Afterwards, everyone was driven out by Luo Qiuheng. At that moment, Su Wenli was on the dead again. I found a note in my sleeve, which happened to be the one Guan Litian had picked up on the ground before. After returning, Luo Qiuheng also asked Su Wenli to go shopping, telling her not to interfere in this matter, but Su Wenli gagged as a client, but still failed to stay.

Su Wenli found Zhang Shaoqiu and asked him to sign a name for Xiao Taozi. As soon as he signed the name, Luo Qiuheng called Zhang Shaoqiu away. Su Wenli looked at Zhang Shaoqiu’s handwriting and found that it was wrong but didn’t say anything. When she went back, Xiao Taozi told Su Wenli that many people had been robbed on this road. Su Wenli didn’t believe it, and then the two met Zhen Zhen. thing. Blyde was so numb to solve the gangsters, and then the two were invited to eat skewers.

Luo Qiuheng found Lu Naifei for questioning. After asking for a long time, he only asked a piece of useful information, that is, Guan Litian had run into a ghost recently.

His grandmother also came when Bai Li De was eating with Su Wenli, and his grandmother whispered that this woman was not suitable for him. Bai Lide thought Su Wenli was very interesting, she liked her very much, and then Su Wenli asked him about his relationship with Guan Litian.

Xiaoan found Xiao Taozi and gave her a gift. Originally, Xiao Taozi was pleasantly surprised. Unexpectedly, when she opened it, she found a pair of rain boots, indicating that he didn’t understand the straight man’s aesthetics and drove Xiaoan away.

Zhang Shaoqiu has replaced Guan Litian as the protagonist. Su Wenli said that Zhang Shaoqiu and Guan Litian had a bad relationship. Little Taozi said that it was because Guan Litian was jealous of Zhang Shaoqiu, but Su Wenli didn’t think so, but she also knew Qin Yiyan. Be engaged to Guan Litian.

Su Wenli approached Luo Qiuheng and asked if he had any favorable news. After learning that he didn’t know anything, she told Luo Qiuheng that someone might pretend to be a fool. She suspected Qin Yiyan. The two found Qin Yiyan but were told that it was just a gimmick. I like drunkards. He paused when he heard that Guan Litian saw a ghost before his death, but didn’t react too much. They had to find Jiang Genfa to ask about the situation at the time, and Jiang Genfa honestly told what he knew. After Luo Qiuheng and the others, Zhang Shaoqiu seemed to have known that he would be on stage for Litian.

Luo Qiuheng found Zhang Shaoqiu and asked something, and left without getting anything. He asked Zhang Shaoqiu’s attendants to know that Guan Litian would drink every time and pretended to be hot, but he asked Jiang Genfa that Guan Litian would not drink at such an important performance. Su Wenli found Luo Qiuheng and admitted her mistake, followed Luo Qiuheng to the autopsy room to get the answer, and went to investigate it privately.

Su Wenli suspected that Bai Litian was related to Guan Litian’s death, and in order to obtain polite evidence, she invited him to eat Chinese food at her home. Su Wenli asked whether she was selling opium to Guan Litian, and she told Su Wenli that she was only a cloth business and left.

Xiaoan found Xiao Taozi and asked her to watch the performance again. Su Wenli just came back and asked for clues before Xiaoan left. Bailey’s grandmother found Xiao Taozi and asked her to tell Su Wenli not to seduce his grandson, who was already engaged.

Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi looked through the previous news and found that Qiao Ruijuan had two suitors before, one was Xu Chuankui and the other was Lu Naifei, so the two decided to split up. Su Wenli found Lu Naifei and asked about the situation of the year, and also got the note left by Qiao Ruijuan that year, exactly the same as the note left by the ghost.

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