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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 20 Recap

Quan Hee was walking out of the house to go to school, but wasstoppedby Park Jae-gong driving a car. He said that he wasentrustedby Park Qicai to escort Quan Hee to school without being harassed. When he came to school, Park Jae-woo had been following Quan Hee-jung every step of the way, for fear that something happened to him would make Park Qi-cai sad. And Park Jae-jung continued to guard the Internet at home, and counterattacked against the cyber-spiders’ discrediting Quan Hee-jung. Park Jae Kok found the person in charge of the school newspaper reporter, and said that the school newspaper reporter was too crazy about the interview with Quan Hee Jung recently, and asked him to tell the reporters to take control.

Park Qicai and Kwon Hee Jung were on their way to campus again, and they met a group of female fans who came to ask for an explanation and let Kwon Hee Jung compete with themselves. Park Qi Cai guarded in front of Kwon Hee Jung, and tried hard to resist the anger of the female fans. Fortunately, Park Jae-gong appeared in time and attracted the attention of the fans, and the two talents were able to escape smoothly. Park Qicai accompanied Quan Hee back home, and asked him to promise that he would protect himself in the future.

Early the next morning, Quan Xizheng came to Park Qicai’s house to pick her up from school early, fearing that she would pick him up from her own house again early. Quan Hee was showing her her cell phone, saying that the attacks on him on the Internet have become less and less, so he should not be too careful in the future. Park Qicai said to He Won-soo that she originally thought she could help Quan Hee Jung, but she didn’t expect to do anything, but it really happened because of her, and she must do something for him.

She came to the library to find Kwon Hee-jung, and said to him that no matter what, the matter this time was for her own sake. If she didn’t do anything for him, she would feel bad about it. Anyway, she promised him to help him fulfill a wish. Take this opportunity to help him finish. Quan Xi was looking at her with a serious look and said that she should sign up for the selection of the orchestra. As long as she can join smoothly, even if she has fulfilled her wish.

Park Qicai returned home and asked him to help him figure out how to join the orchestra, but Park Jaewoo asked her whether it was because of her own desire to join the orchestra, or because of Kwon Hee Jung. If she is dedicated to preparing for joining the orchestra, there is definitely no problem with her strength. Park Qicai said that she would be nervous to play the piano in front of strangers. Now it seems that she can only treat the on-site judges as her brothers. She quickly came to the selection site and finished playing her own tune very freely. The judges were quite satisfied with her performance and asked her to go to the door to wait for the news.

Unexpectedly, after the results came out, she was actually selected. Both Park Qicai and He Won-soo were too happy, but her classmates ridiculed her as not as good as Friday string, and Park Qicai said that she would definitely outperform her. However, Park Qicai’s piano practice was not smooth. She was criticized by the teacher because she always did not cooperate with the players, and asked her to go off the court to listen, and let Friday string on stage to replace her. Friday Xian really lived up to expectations. She seemed to be born with the ability to drive music.

Under the sound of her piano, the team members became very close to each other, and even Park Qi Cai was ashamed. After the practice was over, Park Qicai took the initiative to find Wu Xian and wanted to ask her for advice, but the other party would ignore her at all. Park Qicai was very depressed. She complained to He Yuanzhu. He Yuanzhu said that she could accompany her to practice piano in the future, and she also took her to eat hot pot with her. Lin Yi once again told Park Jaeyu that he should change his dance partner. He really had no dance foundation and was afraid of dragging him down. Park Jaeyu vowed to teach her.

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