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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 19 Recap

Park Qicai and Kwon Hee were fighting at the bus stop. Kwon Hee was dissatisfied with the other party saying that he was short. Angrily said that Park Qicai was a fat man. Park Qicai asked why he was so venomous. After getting on the bus, Park Qicai complained to herself, shouldn’t she keep a cold face. But seeing that Quan Hee is helping him so much this time, let’s take this step down.

After returning to school, Cha Yunxian saw Park Qicai coming back, and rushed to ask her where she had gone, so that she must call herself when she encountered problems in the future. Aman picked up the phone that had fallen into the water and dried it in the dressing room. Park Jaegongwalked in and saw that her phone was no longer available, so he took out his phone and let her use it. Aman smiled and said, fortunately, you didn’t really lose your heart, and by the way showed him the script of Park Jae-gong’s play.

Cha Yunxian was rehearsing on campus when he suddenly heard the announcement that the Whale Orchestra was recruiting new members, so he hurried to register. He Yuanzhu also heard about the Whale Orchestra and asked Park Qicai why he didn’t sign up. Park Qicai said that the rules of the competition were too strict and he was a little self-aware. Suddenly, there was another voice on the broadcast. It was Cha Yun-hyun who said on the broadcast that he wanted to challenge Kwon Hee Jung. Park Qi Cai was praying that Quan Xizheng would not go, worried that his trembling hands would be exposed, but he did not expect Quan Xizheng to appear soon to accept the challenge. Soon, Cha Yun-hyun came to the competition stage, waiting for Kwon Hee-jung to appear.

There were many students who watched the excitement at the scene. After Quan Xizheng arrived at the stadium, he said to Cha Yunxian that he was not here to compete, but was going to retire. Cha Yunxian urged him to say whether he was afraid of losing or not dare to compare. Park Qi Cai couldn’t see that Cha Yun-heon bullied Quan Hee-jung so much. He blocked everyone’s face and quickly said that Quan Hee-jung’s hands tremble as soon as he touched the piano. This caused an uproar, and Quan Hee-jung was instantly overwhelmed by public opinion.

Kwon Hee Jung’s female fans accused him of cheating because they suddenly couldn’t accept the news. Seeing Quan Hee being chased down, Park Qicai felt very sad and said that she must find a way to help him. What was even more exaggerated was that Quan Hee was playing on the basketball court, and some female fans rushed over to throw a bottle at him. Although there were real fans rushing to hold the injustice for him, they still failed to reverse the situation. Park Qicai took the initiative to walk with Quan Hee Jung and wanted to accompany him, but saw with his own eyes that he received the blade sent by fans. Park Qicai returned home and asked Park Jaegong what to do if he is harassed by fans.

Park Jae-gong talked a lot, and made the matter very serious, and first frightened Park Qicai. She told Park Jae-gong about Kwon Hee-jung and asked her brothers to help her, but she didn’t expect that the brothers would say something was wrong with her. She had no choice but to find a way to go back to the room and use her weak power to fight the black fans on Weibo. When the brothers saw her trying so hard to help Quan Xizheng, they compromised with her and took out the computer to clean up for Quan Xizheng on the Internet. Park Qicai came to school and found Quan Hee-jung, and told him that she had decided to follow him every step of the way.

Quan Xizheng said, this matter has nothing to do with her, isn’t it good to be a melon-eater quietly? Park Qicai said that this matter was caused by herself, so she will definitely find a way to solve it for him. Park Zaiyu made an appointment with Lin Yi for dinner, and unexpectedly met Yang Kong and Kong Taotao and came here. Lin couldn’t wait to leave, and Yang Kong called her specifically and asked her to participate in the dance competition between himself and Kong Taotao. In order to help Lin Yi regain her self-confidence in front of Yang Kong, Park Jae Yu plans to let her sign up for the dance competition with herself.

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