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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 18 Recap

He Won-soo to help car Yun Xian about Park colorful movies, so he promised himself to his own brothers rented a month, she and the other is a date when the colorful Park saw. She ran into the restaurant and accused He Yuansu of forgetting righteousness . He Yuanzhu said she liked Quan Heezheng . Park Qicai hurriedly denied it, but He Yuansu said that if she really didn’t like Quan Heezheng, he would promise to pursue her later pursuit. A chance to start. To prove that she did not like Quan Hee Jung, Park Qicai agreed to her. When she came home, she played the piano in the room. When the brothers heard this, they rushed to her room and looked at her in good condition. They asked her if she had walked out of the unhappy shadow. Park Qicai said that she would go on a date with someone else tomorrow, and asked her brothers which suit to wear.

Cha Yunxian waited at the entrance of the cinema early, and Park Qicai hurriedly arrived, and the two hurried into the theater. I never thought that their place was next to Quan Hee Jung. After Park Qicai sat down, she comfortably ate the popcorn in Quan Hee Jung’s hand. When she reacted, she realized that the person next to him was Quan Hee Jung. Cha Yunxian took Park Qicai and left the theater ahead of schedule. On the way, Park Qicai received news from Quan Hee Jung again, and she had to tell her if she didn’t like candy. After reading the news, Park Qicai suddenly felt happy. She told Cha Yunxian that she still had to go to Quan Xizheng. When she returned to the theater, she happened to see Quan Xizheng and Yao Yao coming out. Looking at the figures of the two, Park Qicai did not step forward in the end.

Park in the Palace of the premiere was about to begin, but suddenly found Park assistant disappeared, Aman quickly mobilize staff to look at the house. Park Jae Kok was playing basketball, and suddenly received a call from A-Man, saying that Park Jae-gong had disappeared. He said he would go and find her right away. At the same time, Park Qicai also received the news that Park was missing in the palace. After reading the news, she yelled Quan Hee-jung’s name in a hurry.

Then she hurriedly said that there was an emergency at home, and then left the classroom. Quanxi was watching her leave, so he followed her out of the classroom. The two immediately contacted Aman and learned that Park Zai Gong hadn’t whereabouts yet. Park Qicai knew that it had taken Park Zai Gong seven years to get to where she is today, so she seemed extremely anxious. Quan Xi was looking at Park Qi Cai, so anxious that he had no direction, and asked her where Park Jae-gong might go. Based on what she knew about her eldest brother, she said that he might be in the mall. Quan Xizheng immediately analyzed the distribution of shopping malls near the premiere, and took Piao Qicai to the mall closest to the premiere.

Unexpectedly, Park Jaegong was indeed in the amusement park. He was playing as a puppet playing with the children, but he was recognized by Park Qicai at a glance. She persuaded Pu Zai Gong to return to the premiere scene with herself immediately, but Park did not go to the palace to kill him. Seeing that Park Qicai had nothing to do, Quan Xi was actively offering to let him try. He stepped forward and said that he knew why Park Jae-gong was reluctant to go because he didn’t dare.

He talked about why his mother liked Park Jaegong for so many years, because from the beginning, his mother said that Park Jaegong is a very hard worker. Park Jaegong seemed to be touched by his words. He finally accepted his imperfect self and returned to the premiere scene with Kwon Hee Jung. After the premiere, Park Qicai and Kwon Hee Jung were walking on the way back to school. Park Qicai was a little happy. She took the initiative to express her gratitude to Kwon Hee Jung. The two of them went to eat together.

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