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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 17 Recap

Park Qicai ‘s brothers soon came to the hospital. She finally woke up. She looked around the ward for the first time for a week, saw Quan Hee Jung , and told her brothers to let him leave here. Quan Xi was looking at Park Qicai and left the hospital without saying a word. Park Qicai looked at the figure he was leaving, pointed at her heart to Park Jae Jiao, and said it really hurts here. He Yuanzhu quickly chased him out. She stopped Quan Xizheng and asked him if he was going to leave like that, not caring about Park Qicai’s feelings.

Quan Hee was thinking about what Park Qicai had said he never wanted to like anymore, and the look in his eyes when he had just told him to leave. He thought silently in his heart that maybe only to leave her is to be good to her. He returned home sadly, and opened the piano lid alone, seeming to want to play, but closed the lid again. After Park Qicai returned home after being discharged from the hospital, she was sad holding a jar alone. Her brothers all leaned on the door to listen to her movement, but there was still nothing to do.

Quan Xi was holding a bag and came downstairs to Park Qicai’s house. He didn’t expect to see Cha Yunxian and Park Qicai coming out. He said that he would take Park Qicai to a place to find happiness and happiness. Quanxi was watching the two people riding away by bicycle, and his heart was mixed. Cha Yunxian brought Park Qicai to his resident singing bar, let her put down the unpleasantness, and relax. Quan Hee has been waiting outside Park Qicai’s house for her not to leave.

He constantly recalled the good memories he had with Park Qicai. Park Qicai didn’t really feel happy after listening to the song Cha Yunxian sang. She walked onto the stage and played the piano by herself. Quan Xizheng never waited for Park Qicai, so he could only hang the bag in his hand on the tree at the door of Park Qicai’s house and went home silently.

When Park Jae-Jak woke up early in the morning to go out to throw out the trash, he saw the bag hanging at the door. It turned out that Quan Hee was preparing cold medicine for Park Qicai. After Park Qicai woke up, she said to her little turtle that she would be admitted to the Juilliard School of Music. Quan Xizheng sat in the classroom alone again, and a classmate came over and wanted to sit with him, but he refused. Park Qicai walked into the classroom and glanced at Quan Hee-jung. He did not sit next to him, nor did he go to the front row with Cha Yun-hyun. He went to the front row with He Won-soo.

However, even though she was sitting in the front row, she had been listening carefully to the conversation between Quan Hee Jung and her female classmate. Unexpectedly, he was discovered by the teacher because he was running on a run, and was called by the teacher to write homework on the blackboard. The two were only concerned about their anger and did not hear the melody played by the teacher at all. At the critical moment, Kwon Hee took the initiative to raise his hands to save the field. Only escaped.

After the get out of class bell rang, the female classmate pulled Quan Hee to want to have lunch with him. Quan Hee was looking at Park Qicai and refused her decisively. Cha Yunxian still didn’t give up, and wanted to ask Park Qicai to watch a movie with him. Park Qicai said that he and him are like buddies, and dating them with him is embarrassing for him. Unexpectedly, Cha Yunxian said that he knew someone in her heart, but he could spend time with her and waited for her. He continued to send a lot of snacks to Park Qicai without letting Park Qicai change his mind.

He Yuanzhu asked her, is she really going to spend time with Cha Yunxian like this? This is not the case. Unexpectedly, Quan Xizheng came to the piano room suddenly. Park Qicai thought he was here to apologize to herself, but she didn’t want Quan Xizheng to just say that she had just played a wrong note, so that Park Qicai turned and left. Cha Yunxian secretly bought He Won-soo and asked her to go to Park Qicai to watch a movie. He kept chasing Park Qicai and asked him to give himself a chance to try.

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