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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 15 Recap

Park Zaiyu quickly drove to a park and saw Lin Yi here. At this time, Lin Yizheng looked at Yang Kong’s circle of friends in a daze. She recalled that she had taken care of Yang Kong in every possible way, but she didn’t expect it to be worthless. Park Jae-yu walked over and asked her when she was going to be obsessed with realizing it. He also took out the video he had taken while stalking, saying that the person in her heart didn’t like her a long time ago. Lin Yi said, Yang Kong can dislike himself, but why must he lie to himself? After all, he has been with Yang Kong for so long.

If he really dislikes himself, why can’t he tell himself directly. Seeing Lin Yi so sad, Park Jaeyu begged her to be with her. Right-hee is watching TV at home, it has been noted that more than ten o’clock, Park Colorful not home, he called to ask her. Park Qicai said that he had found another genius doctor for him, and Quan Xi was hurriedly saying that he would pick her up. As soon as Lin returned home, he took the initiative to delete all the photos between him and Yang Kong, and at the same time deleted the contact information, still crying silently.

The genius doctor Park Qicai was looking for was going to give her acupuncture. Quan Xizheng rushed in and pushed the genius doctor away, pulling Park Qicai away from the clinic. He once again told Park Qicai that she didn’t need to take care of her own affairs, let alone such small roadside advertisements. Park Qicai chased him to ask why his hands were shaking, Quan Xi was angrily told her to stop worrying, but Park Qicai said that she just wanted to make him happy. Park Qicai quickly told He Yuanzhu about Quan Hee’s shaking hands. She said that she did not dare to ask Quan’s mother for fear of worrying her.

At this time, Park Qicai suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. She deliberately drank ice water on her own special event and got sick deliberately. She asked He Yuanzhu to call Quan Xizheng quickly. Quan Xizheng was very nervous after receiving the call and rushed to find her. Unexpectedly, when he arrived, he heard He Yuanzhu say something to deliberately trick him to go to the hospital. He instantly felt that Park Qicai was pretending to be sick, and he was not angry. Back to go. But even though Park Qicai was ill deliberately, she was really ill. Seeing Quan Hee was leaving, she became even more anxious.

Park Jaeyu came to Lin Yi’s classroom to wait for her and asked her if she was better. Lin Yi was cold and indifferent, saying that he wanted to be alone for a while. Park Jaeyu wanted to make Lin Yi happy, he suddenly thought of asking Ziyi for help. After listening to Park Jaeyu’s words, Sister Ziyi said that the best way to forget someone is to find a new love.

Since Park Jaeyu can’t make Lin Yi like herself for the time being, it’s better to let her vent all her unwillingness and anger, Park Jaeyu There was a flash of inspiration, saying that he had thought of a way. He ran out to find Lin Yi and asked her to accompany him with a punch to vent all the unhappiness. Lin Yi herself had some kung fu on her body, and in boxing, she regarded Park Jae Yu as Yang Kong and beat him severely until it made him bruised and swollen. When Lin saw Pu’s blood at the corner of Yu’s mouth, he stopped suddenly and cried happily, saying that from today onwards, he would let Yang Kong go and live the rest of his life well.

Seeing that she finally let go of her heart knot, Park Zaiyu sent her home. Lin Yi offered to let Park Jaeyu come to her home to wipe some bruises. He didn’t expect to see Dad Lin fainted on the ground as soon as he walked in. Park Qicai came to the classroom, Cha Yunxian came over to comfort her, and also customized her exclusive candy to make her happy. He also said that he already knew about Quan Hee’s shaking hands, and Park Qi Cai was nervous to warn him not to speak out. He advised Park Qicai that he still needs a heart medicine for his heart disease. He should first understand what special habits Quan Hee has in his life, and his room, to see if there is anything special.

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