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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 46 Recap

Yu Sifeng said that it was the heavens that had done something, that’s why Chu Xuanji had experienced so much torture. As long as Chu Xuanji missed the intersection of the double stars in this life, she would be freed. Liu Yihuan said he couldn’t stop this, and Yu Sifeng said that he could ask Wuzhiqi for help. Yu Sifeng asked Liu Yihuan to prepare something for him, and he went to see Wuqi.

Chu Xuanji went to ask Hao Chen why he was deceiving her. Hao Chen said that all this was for her good. Chu Xuanji said she couldn’t do such a thing, and Hao Chen said they were destined. Chu Xuanji didn’t believe what he said, saying that he wanted to clarify the marriage contract with others. Hao Chen said that he could explain this marriage to others, but he needed to protect Liulizhan. Hao Chen asked Chu Xuanji to destroy the glaze cup if he couldn’t protect the glaze cup one day, and Chu Xuanji agreed to Haochen.

Wuzhiqi came to Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng said that he did have something to find Wuzhiqi. Yu Sifeng said that he didn’t find Wuzhiqi for the revival of the demon, but he had selfish intentions. Wuzhiqi was very interested in him, saying that as long as Wuzhiqi was rescued, he would be Wuzhiqi’s brother, and he would definitely promise him three conditions as much as possible. Yu Sifeng told Wuzhiqi not to hand over Juntian Haice to Yuen Long, and Wuzhiqi said it was nothing.

But he asked Yu Sifeng a few questions, and Yu Sifeng said that he just didn’t want the demon world to fall into war. Yu Sifeng asked Wuzhiqi that he definitely didn’t want to resurrect the evil spirit star, Wuzhiqi said that he really didn’t want him to be resurrected. Yu Sifeng asked Wuzhi Qi Yuanlang what is the use of that magic weapon that absorbs the soul of life. Wuzhi Qi said that the tripod could absorb the power of the God of War. The two of them negotiated and decided. Purple fox came to the Wu Zhiqi side, he took Wu Zhiqi hand, two people together philandering.

Wuzhiqi came to Yuen Long, drank with him, and talked about the previous war with the heavens. Yuen Long said that as long as Wuzhiqi was willing, they summoned the demons together, first killed the God of War, and then slammed into the heaven. Si Ming told Hao Chen that the time for him to go down to earth had come, and Hao Chen said that since the God of War could not get through, it would be better to destroy the God of War. Yu Sifeng summoned the demons of the Demon Realm, and Yu Sifeng said that in the future, all matters leaving Ze Palace would be left to Yuen Long.

They discussed how to take out the glaze lamp to release the heart and soul of the evil spirit. Yuen Long said he had a way to take out the heart and spirit of the evil spirit. Yuen Long went to Tianja and rescued Ruoyu . Wu Tong saw Yuen Long and asked him to rescue him. Yuen Long brought Wutong to the Demon Realm. Yuen Long used Wutong as a stepping stone to marry the corpse of King Shura. Yuen Long cast a spell to control the body of King Shura, but Wu Tong was controlled by the Sha Ling of Shura.

Xiao Yinhua was discovered by Ruoyu, and she was taken to Yu Sifeng. Xiao Yinhua still didn’t want to let Chu Xuanji hurt Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng said that she was not only his spirit beast, but also his very important friend. Yuen Long told Yu Sifeng that their formation for capturing the power of the God of War was ready, and tomorrow they would attack the Shaoyang faction and seize the power of the God of War. Chu Linglong was preparing to marry, but Chu Xuanji was unhappy. Chu Xuanji was led by Yu Sifeng to the place where they deployed, and Wutong led the people to kill the Shaoyang faction.

Chu Xuanji was trapped by them, and several of them started to cast spells, but Chu Xuanji turned into a purple fox, which turned out to be a purple fox’s illusion. Yu Sifeng and Wuzhiqi trapped Yuen Long, and Yuen Long was controlled by the soul-refining cauldron. He couldn’t break free, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding. Chu Xuanji followed Yu Sifeng’s trail, but found that she seemed to be trapped. She took out the sword to break the formation. At this time Liu Yihuan came out. Chu Xuanji asked him where Yu Sifeng was. Liu Yihuan said about them. Solved it by himself, and then left secretly.

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