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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 45 Recap

Chu Xuan wanted to go to Lize Palace. Hao Chen said that if she really wanted to break with Yu Sifeng, she would go to Fen Rucheng. Yu Sifeng would definitely go to the Demon Realm to save the helpless Qi, because only Yu Sifeng and the God of War could bear it. The evil spirit of living in the demon domain. Haochen asked Chu Xuanji to go to the Demon Territory. At that time, she knew that Yu Sifeng was doing everything for the demon clan.

Hao Chen gave Chu Xuanji a gas cylinder and told her that if she couldn’t bear to kill Yu Sifeng, she would take him in. Net gas cylinder. Chu Xuanji said that she knew and left. Chu Linglong went to see her father and told his father that it was time for her to leave, and the head of Chu asked her what was going on. Chu Linglong said that this time she wanted to leave. The head of Chu asked if Zhong Minyan made him angry, but Chu Linglong denied it. The head of Chu told Chu Linglong that Zhong Minyan came to him today and wanted to marry Chu Linglong as his wife.

Chu Linglong didn’t believe it, Zhong Minyan came out, saying that he really wanted to marry Chu Linglong, Zhong Minyan confessed his heart to Chu Linglong. Zhong Minyan knelt down to propose to the head of Chu, wanting him to marry Chu Linglong to him. The head of Chu asked him to get up and said that this period of time is not suitable for marriage, it is better to prepare them for the marriage after a period of time. Zhong Min said that he couldn’t wait, just because he was afraid that Chu Linglong would be wronged, Chu Linglong said that she was willing.

Yu Sifeng led people to the border of the demon realm. Yu Sifeng asked Yuen Long to hand over the key, but was threatened by Yuen Long. When Yu Si came to the Demon Realm, Yu Sifeng was in Fen Rucheng and opened Fen Rucheng with a spirit key. Just about to enter, Chu Xuanji stopped him, and Chu Xuanji fought Yu Sifeng, but Yu Sifeng ran in. Chu Xuanji also went in, and Zihu also sneaked in. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji not to yell loudly, and Chu Xuanji asked Yu Si to make a move. At this time, the demon spirits of the Demon Realm came to them, and they could only fight with the demon spirits. Looking at the mural, Yu Sifeng probably knew about Chu Xuanji.

Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji can only travel together. Yu Sifeng gave Chu Xuanji the classics of their golden red bird recording things, saying that only Yuen Long was given the evil spirit by King Shura in the past thousand years, so they were killing Chu Xuanji’s mother. It is Yuen Long. Chu Xuanji said that Yu Sifeng had promised to send Yuen Long in front of her, but now he is collaborating with him. Yu Sifeng said that what he was trying to save was not helpless, and she would understand it one day. Yu Sifeng was seriously injured, so Chu Xuanji looked at Qinglian on the opposite side and said that Qinglian might be able to heal him, and Chu Xuanji went to get Qinglian.

Yu Sifeng tried to save Wuzhiqi, but Chu Xuanji found and stopped him. At this time, a monster appeared behind them, and the two of them finally defeated the monster. Chu Xuanji asked Yu Sifeng to hand over the spirit key, and Yu Sifeng gave the spirit key to Zihu and asked her to save Wuzhiqi. Zihu rescued Wuzhiqi, but Zihu was seriously injured. Zihu asked Wuzhiqi to help Yu Sifeng, and Wuzhiqi agreed to her. Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji to give him some time, and he would definitely explain it clearly. Chu Xuanji didn’t believe it. She took out the clean gas cylinder to dissolve Yu Si’s aura. Yu Sifeng was in pain. Chu Xuanji wanted to stop, but couldn’t stop it.

Chu Xuanji was very anxious. Wuzhiqi came out and told Chu Xuanji that this was a Suzaku bottle that would turn people into pus. Wuzhiqi rescued Yu Sifeng and left. Yuen Long was waiting outside for Wuzhiqi, but Wuzhiqi did not believe in Yuen Long, and Wuzhiqi brought Yu Sifeng back to Lize Palace. Wuzhiqi came to Lize Palace, but didn’t look good to them, Wuzhiqi asked them to hand over Ting Slave. Ting Nu told them that it was enough to find two people with the same cultivation level to force Yu Sifeng out of evil spirits. Teng Snake was still looking for information about Yu Sifeng in the heavens, and finally saw a useful piece of information, but Qinglong discovered it. Yu Sifeng was still lying on the bed, he woke up, Tingnu and the others were in the room.

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