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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 41 Recap

He Ziqiu said that Qin Meiyang could follow her, but he had to make three chapters with her, and that it was not easy for Qin Meiyang to take this opportunity to experience the part-time work in her store to make money. Ling Xiao also said that if Qin Meiyang was unwilling, he would send her to buy furniture with Chen Ting. Naturally, Qin Meiyang would not want to ask Ling Xiao to really let Chen Ting settle in China? Ling Xiao said that he couldn’t stop her, and if she could really listen to her, she wouldn’t be back now. He Ziqiu didn’t know what was going on, and Qin Meiyang fell silent.

Chen Ting went to Lingxiao’s hospital again to wait for her to get off work. Chen Ting recalled what Ling Heping had told her and remembered that Ling Xiao couldn’t sleep at night in Singapore and took medicine and said it was taking vitamins. Feng Xixi saw it at this time. Chen Ting took the initiative to say hello and told Chen Ting that Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao were in a relationship, and then the two added WeChat to each other. Soon Ling Xiao came down and the two of them went to the restaurant together.

Ling Xiao had a very bad attitude towards Chen Ting. Chen Ting asked Ling Xiao why he didn’t want to tell her about something? Ling Xiao straightforwardly said that she was going to marry Li Jianjian. Chen Ting was shocked but she was afraid that she would not agree to make Ling Xiao angry, so she said that Ling Xiao had no car and no house and waited for her to sell the house in Singapore and sell the house in China. Say it again.

Qi Mingyue’s father suddenly called Qi Mingyue to go out. After Qi Mingyue’s father went out, he said that he had been living in a hotel these days and he was going to divorce Jin Yuxiang. Qi Mingyue was stunned at this time and quickly said that everything was her own fault, and asked her father not to say anything angry. Jin Yuxiang was doing everything for the good of both of them. And my father said that all things have been Jin Yuxiang for so many years, and he has been tolerant, but he really couldn’t accept the purchase of a house this time. Since Qi Mingyue moved out, Jin Yuxiang has looked at him and said that he was not pleasing to his eyes. Must be divorced for half a lifetime.

After Qi Mingyue and her father were in a bad mood, she borrowed the phone and called Jin Yuxiang to ask about the situation. After returning home, Qi Mingyue saw Tang Can preparing clothes for her grandma’s birthday in Zhuangbei. Tang Can comforted a few words and went downstairs to Zhuangbei’s car. Zhuangbei’s mother was very happy when she saw Qi Mingyue. In the evening, Li Jianjian went home and Qin Meiyang asked her and Ling Xiao’s progress, and advised Li Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao not to sleep. Chen Ting didn’t like Li Jianjian and their family, so she didn’t allow Ling Xiao to return. It is now too.

Teacher Zhang and Aunt Qian were eating noodles at a noodle restaurant. At this time, Li Haichao and Anna Mae came in. Aunt Qian recognized Anna Mae and introduced him to Teacher Zhang. When Teacher Zhang saw Mae and Li Haichao, he mocked Li Haichao because he had someone in his heart. He just said something inappropriate. Li Haichao wanted to explain that Mae took the initiative to say that Li Haichao was a good person, but he didn’t want to explain. Finally Li Haichao sent Anna Mae out. On the way, Anna Mae mentioned that Li Jianjian did not like herself when he was a child. Li Haichao said that it was because Li Jianjian did not want her stepmother.

Then Mae said that it should be fine to be a stepmother for Li Jianjian now, right? Li Haichao was stunned for a while, and Anna Mae was suddenly shy. On the other side, Zhou Miao mysteriously took out a newspaper to Du Juan, and Du Juan gave the newspaper to Li Jianjian. It said that Senior Brother Li Jianjian suggested that Li Jianjian imitated her work. Li Jianjian didn’t answer the phone call and was very frustrated, so she went home and met Chen Ting with Aunt Ling Xiao. Li Jianjian prepared fruit for Chen Ting and aunt and Chen Ting had a bad attitude either intentionally or unconsciously. Li Jianjian went back to the sofa and lay alone, while Ling Xiao hurried back.

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