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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 40 Recap

Chen Ting said that Ling Xiao asked herself to go out more with friends and neighbors, and Uncle Ling Xiao also thought that they were all in the country. If Chen Ting had something to do, Ling Xiao and them would have to rush to Singapore. At this time, Li Jianjian came into the room holding the special products he bought and saw Chen Ting leave quickly. At this time, Ling Xiao hugged Li Jianjian and kissed him. Qin Meiyang said that she was going back to Singapore this weekend. Chen Ting said that her mother and brother are here. Why would she go back alone? Qin Meiyang was arguing not to do it.

Chen Ting also told Ling Xiao that if Ling Xiao was unwilling, then she would not interact with her and then she would leave and return to the hotel. Chen Ting asked Qin Meiyang and herself to return to the hotel. Qin Meiyang was unwilling and ran out alone. And Ling Xiao was so angry that Chen Ting ran to Li Jianjian and told her that Chen Ting was going back to settle in China. Li Jianjian comforted Ling Xiao that her mother just wanted to come back to live and there was nothing to worry about. Besides, she would stay. Stay with her. Ling Xiao called Qin Meiyang and Qin Meiyang didn’t answer, and was unwilling to ask her to stay alone.

After Qin Meiyang ran out, he arrived at the hotel alone and didn’t want to go upstairs, so he sat outside the hotel. At this time, a drunk man greeted Qin Meiyang first and then lay on Qin Meiyang’s lap to make Qin Meiyang scream. At this time, He Ziqiu passed by and then dismissed the drunk man in a few words and then asked Qin Meiyang why he didn’t return to the hotel?

After Qin Meiyang said the reason, He Ziqiu had to call Ling Xiao and brought her back to Li Jianjian’s house. Li Jianjian gave Qin Meiyang his room to sleep with Qi Mingyue. The next morning, Ling Xiao asked Qin Meiyang to stay at home until she came back from get off work. Li Jianjian asked Qin Meiyang to follow her to the studio. Qin Meiyang disagreed. In the end, Qin Meiyang said that he would follow He Ziqiu, and He Ziqiu had no choice but to take it with him. Qin Meiyang went to the cafe. Ling Heping asked Chen Ting to meet and ask about her returning to China to settle down. Then Ling Heping told Chen Ting that Lingxiao had a mental illness and could not sleep at night.

Fortunately, Li Jianjian was with her and he had been treating him with Chinese medicine. Ling Heping said that no matter how much Chen Ting disliked Li Jianjian in the past, but Ling Xiao liked Li Jianjian very much and their adults were parents for the happiness of their children, so Chen Ting would try to accept Li Jianjian. After that, Ling Heping went to the hospital to find Ling Xiao and had lunch with him. Ling Heping comforted Ling Xiao that Chen Ting stayed in the country and that his uncles could also take care of him, so that he could lighten the burden and let him not worry. Ling Xiao guessed that Ling Heping had been to Chen Ting and was very moved.

Qin Meiyang asks for juice in the store and you’re welcome, He Ziqiu insists on asking her to call her elder brother before giving him juice. After He Ziqiu cleans up, Qin Meiyang takes a look at He Mei. The two people sat down and chatted with He Ziqiu and asked about Dongdong’s attitude, and then said that they knew that Anna Mae went to the noodle shop to eat noodles. The people in the shop thought Li Haichao was interesting to her and everyone knew that Li Haichao was interesting to Anna Mae. . When Anna Mae left, He Ziqiu took out what he had prepared for Dongdong and gave it to Anna Mae.

He Mei stopped He Ziqiu and returned him the makeup mirror. Li Jianjian went home and found Li Haichao chatting with Anna Mae and then started teasing. Ling Heping dismissed Li Haichao after returning and told Li Jianjian separately that Chen Ting would bully her and help him. Ling Xiao waited for her two to return home together at the place where Li Lijian got off the bus stop. Back home, Tang Can complained to Qin Meiyang for snatching her remote control, and Ling Xiao called Qin Meiyang over to explain.

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