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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 39 Recap

Tang Can informed Qi Mingyue to let him come back with Li Jianjian . Now her mother is very angry and sitting on the sofa in the living room. In a short while, Li Jianjian and Qi Mingyue returned home, and Jin Yuxiang directly asked Qi Mingyue whether she had read the civil service examination book. She also learned to drink, saying that she shouldn’t agree to Qi Mingyue moving out and let her move home tomorrow. Qi Mingyue also couldn’t bear to let Jin Yuxiang say that she could, but don’t say her friends, she never wanted to be a civil servant but wanted to go to Beijing to be a reporter for two years.

Jin Yuxiang didn’t catch a cold when he said that so many people in Beijing won Qi Mingyue. Qi Mingyue directly said that Jin Yuxiang has always denied herself since she was a child, and only satisfied with the first place in the exam. The more Jin Yuxiang refused to let her do anything, the more she wanted to do. Jin Yuxiang accused Qi Mingyue of being good at ordinary times and dropped the chain at a critical moment. The college entrance examination was a few points lower than the usual mock exam and accused Qi Mingyue of now Learned to lie.

Qi Mingyue said that her college entrance examination was deliberately a few points lower in order to prevent Jin Yuxiang from letting her go to the University of Political Science and Law to become a prosecutor. Jin Yuxiang didn’t believe Qi Mingyue. Then Qi Mingyue said that she had an unpainted answer card for a subject. Finally, Jin Yuxiang said that she would no longer care about Qi Mingyue where she liked to go, and then left angrily.

Li Jianjian and Tang Can have been comforting Jin Yuxiang and finally Li Jianjian sent Jin Yuxiang into the car. Qi Mingyue took out his computer and directly sent the e-mail to Beijing. Qi Mingyue said that the leaders agreed at the time. As long as you are willing to go first, you can bring yourself, and ask Li Jianjian and Tang Can to keep her room and pay the rent. In the evening, Li Jianjian had a barbecue at Ling Xiao’s house and watched the game. Li Jianjian told Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu that Qi Mingyue deliberately did not fill in the answer sheet . Zhuang Bei was also on the sidelines.

Li Jianjian asked Zhuang Bei to take the initiative to align Mingyue at this time. Maybe Zhuang Bei could walk into her heart. Zhuang Bei said that he was just watching the game to confess it was long past. After Tang Can came over, he also told Zhuang Bei that Qi Mingyue was resisting people who liked him, so now that Zhuang Bei is the best performer, Zhuang Bei is helpless just to watch a game. Zhuang Bei left He Ziqiu’s house and saw Tang Can downstairs. Tang Can lamented that he didn’t dare to eat fried peanuts, but he liked it very much, and Qi Mingyue’s mother hated that she felt she was a failure. Zhuang Bei had to comfort Tang Can from the sidelines.

The noodle shop Xiao Zhu recorded the video of Li Haichao’s meeting with Anna Mae and sent it to Li Jianjian. Li Haichao still remembered that Anna Mae didn’t eat green onions and Anna Mae also realized that it was wrong to avoid blindly. Although he could not make up for it, he was It feels so good to care. But Jia Mei didn’t know what He Ziqiu liked, Li Haichao said that He Ziqiu liked to buy things at home. He bought all the refrigerators and air conditioners in the house, and He Ziqiu said before that he wanted to marry Li Jianjian so that he and Li Jianjian could be on the same account page.

Ling Xiao arrived after receiving a call from Qin Meiyang and found out that Chen Ting had rented a house in their community. Chen Ting said that she just wanted to be closer to home. Ling Xiao realized that Qin Meiyang called herself last time to tell her that Chen Ting gave gifts to her friends and invited her friends and neighbors to dinner to say goodbye. At that time, Chen Ting planned to return to China. Qin Meiyang was very upset when she heard this, and finally Ling Xiao asked Chen Ting to wait for Qin Meiyang to return after the college entrance examination. Qin Meiyang finally quarreled with Chen Ting and ran out alone.

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