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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 14 Recap

The aunt was making arrangements at home, and the father Wen asked what was the situation. The aunt said that he would spend his birthday with Wen’s father, and Wen’s father said that she didn’t like longevity the most. Then the aunt said that he knew Wen Renjun’s mother still existed in Wen’s heart, but she should pay for it. Yes, this is also for myself and my daughter. Wen father read the guest list and felt that it would be enough to find some relatives, and there is no need to make a big show. Then he told the aunt to return everyone’s gifts after dinner, and the aunt agreed.

Luo Qiuchi discovered that Wen Renjun did not eat lunch. At this time, Wang Xiaqing was discussed by everyone. Luo Qiuchi went to give Wen Renjun food. Luo Qiuchi said that he brought it from Zuixianlou, and asked Wen Renjun how hard he worked for such an unrelated person. Thank you for the picture? Wen Renjun said yes, but Luo Qiuchi said she was honest. Luo Qiuchi told Wen Renjun that there must be times when people are powerless in the world, but after doing things, they can only be powerless. That is a waste of effort. In fact, many things are not powerless and cannot be given up. Wenrenjun listens. Following Luo Qiuchi’s intention, Luo Qiuchi took Wen Renjun to the dining room to find Wang Xiaqing, but the servant in the kitchen told Wen Renjun that Wang Xiaqing only left one letter.

Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun read the letter. Know that Wang Xiaqing is gone. Wen Renshu was preparing for his father’s birthday banquet, and was practicing dancing. Luo Qiuchi was practicing with Wen Renjun. Luo Qiuchi said why Wen Renjun practiced so hard. Wen Renjun said that he might be unlikable, but his father The birthday banquet still hopes to surprise him. I don’t have a mother, and the aunt is not his biological mother, and my sister is not a real sister. The whole Wenren Mansion is not very good to me, but my sister is the person who makes me feel safest in the family. , And then Luo Qiuchi continued to practice with Wen Renjun.

Wen Renjun returned home and met Wen Renshu. Wen Renshu gave a hairpin to Wen Renjun. Wen Renjun was very happy. Wen Renjun asked Wen Renjun if she knew if she knew, Wen Renshu said her mother didn’t. Knowing, Wen Renjun accepted it. Wen Renjun asked Wen Renjun’s poem if he had memorized it well. You have to hold your back, but don’t let yourself remind yourself below. Wen Renjun said that he did not plan to recite the poem this year. Wen Renjun secretly told Wen Renjun that he would not memorize it this year.

I planned to recite the poem, I planned to dance the sword, so I performed it to Wenrenshu, and even the maid felt that the dance was good. Wen Renshu came to Fu Yuanzhi, hoping that Fu Yuanzhi could play the piano for herself at his father’s birthday banquet. Mrs. Fu promised. After Wenrenshu left, Fu Yuanzhi said that if he did go, others would misunderstand him. Ren Shu was clever and asked for help, but as Wen Ren Shu, he was worthy of Fu Yuanzhi, better than Wen Renjun. Then Mrs. Fu opened up Fu Yuanzhi, and Fu Yuanzhi promised to help Wen Renshu.

Luo Qiu came to Wenren to choose a birthday gift for a long time, so the shopkeeper took out a painting. Luo Qiuchi thought it was a good painting. The shopkeeper said that the painting was made by Sun Wei. This painting costs fifty pennies. Luo Qiuchi went directly to Sun Wei to paint. Luo Qiuchi showed Hang Ruxue the painting he got. Hang Ruxue thought he had stolen it, but Luo Qiuchi said he did not steal it.

Mr. Wen Ren went to Xiaomei’s tomb when the birthday banquet was about to start. Lu Xingyun was also there. Lu Xingyun asked Wen Renjing. Has he really treated Ah Jun in recent years? Wen Renjing asked Lu Xingyun. What did Wen Renjun say to him, Lu Xingyun didn’t answer him, and left after a while.

The adults have already arrived at Wenren’s Mansion. The aunt asked Wenrenjing if she was going to see Xiaomei. Wenrenjing ignored her and continued to welcome the guests, and then Prince Kang sent gifts to her. Luo Qiuchi also came to Wenren’s Mansion and gave Wenrenjing a painting. Wenrenjing opened the painting in public. Wenrengong was also a person who knew the painting. He recognized that the painting was the seven sages of the bamboo forest. Wenrenjing said this painting. It’s not cheap. The birthday party is not to make money, so Luo Qiuchi took the painting back. Then Luo Qiuchi said that the painting didn’t cost a cent, and everyone was surprised.

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