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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 13 Recap

Wen Renjun asked Luo Qiuchi if he was wondering who was the man in black who fought with him at Cangshuge that day. He also said that maybe the black man in Cangshuge was not related to the person who assassinated Luo Qiuchi that year. Luo Qiuchi said it might be, but he felt in his heart. It is not practical.

Wen Renjun took Luo Qiuchi to the Guangfu Temple to pray. Wen Renjun asked Luo Qiuchi to kneel down and worship. Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun why, Wen Renjun said to worship the Bodhisattva and asked them to find their enemies soon. Luo Qiuchi did so. Wen Renjun is still praying silently in his heart, hoping that Luo Qiu will be admitted to the champion sooner or later, and that he will always be by his side. Wen Renjun and Luo Qiuchi came to see the paintings and calligraphy together, but Wen Renjun was not very literate, and Luo Qiuchi was all literate, and could memorize them completely.

Wen Renjun read the poems of a poetess and felt that the poetess was so talented and could write such sad poems, but he couldn’t even recite the poems. Luo Qiuchi laughed after hearing her words. Luo Qiuchi He put his own words next to the poem written by the poetess, Wen Renjun said, writing in this way, would you think that the poetess thought that Luo Qiuchi was interested in her? Luo Qiuchi just said that he was joking, and then Wen Renjun became angrily After leaving, the poetess Wang Xiaqing happened to see the two men fighting.

The next day, the doctor brought you a poem. It was a poem that I got Gao Zhan at the inn a few days ago. The doctor asked everyone to correct this poem as today’s homework. All went to read this poem. Wen Renjun and Zhao Qinghe went to Hang Ruxue to have dinner with Luo Qiuchi at the table, but Luo Qiuchi was not in a state at all.

Hang Ruxue let Luo Qiuchi have a good meal, but Luo Qiuchi still didn’t care. Luo Qiuchi went to Guangfu Temple with Wen Renjun and met Wang Xiaqing, but she said that she was illiterate. The next day Wen Renjun went to dinner and saw Wang Xiaqing. It turned out that she was a kitchen girl. Wang Xiaqing said that she used to follow her aunt When I came to do things, I often eavesdropped on everyone in class, and practiced writing by myself.

Over time, I learned a lot of things. Dr. Ouyang was in class that day, and he couldn’t hold back, so he eavesdropped and went to poetry at night. The next day Wen Renjun took Wang Xiaqing to see Dr. Ouyang. Wen Renjun introduced to everyone and asked Wang Xiaqing to pretend to be his cousin Wang Xiaqing. Then Luo Qiuchi asked Wang Xiaqing to write on behalf of him. The doctor agreed. The doctor was very satisfied with Wang Xiaqing’s performance. I hope Wang Xiaqing can participate in the poem meeting, Wang Xiaqing agreed.

The classmates told Wen Renshu that his cousin was very good. Wen Renshu found that he was weird and planned to meet this person, but was stopped by Wen Renjun. Wen Renjun asked Wen Renshu not to tell his aunt, and Wen Renshu agreed. Wen Renshu saw Wang Xiaqing, then followed Wen Renjun and Wang Xiaqing to the grocery store and heard their conversation. Wen Renjun and Wang Xiaqing came to the poetry club.

The doctor asked Wen Renjun to follow him, and Wang Xiaqing discussed with everyone. Everyone admired Wang Xiaqing very much. Then Xiao Er sent a pot of wine and took off Wang Xiaqing’s hat. Everyone was surprised. Then the chef came to Wang Xiaqing to go back to work. Dr. Ouyang asked if Wang Xiaqing was a kitchen worker. Wang Xiaqing bowed her head and said nothing, and ran out after a while. Wen Renjun chased him out, and Wang Xiaqing was very sad.

Wang Xiaqing told Wen Renjun that she was not suitable. Wen Renjun said that even Dr. Ouyang was helping her, and hoped that Xiaqing would not give up. Xiaqing was very grateful to Wen Renjun, saying that Wen Renjun had helped her a lot and had realized her dream. Back to the kitchen. Wen Renshu gave the money to several poets and cooks who made trouble. The cook said that Xiaqing is a good girl. Is there something offended? Wen Renshu said that his sister was ignorant, and the sister thought she was helping her. , In fact, was giving Xiaqing hopeless hope. This was harming her. The cook understood that she had blamed Wen Renshu, and left.

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