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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 12 Recap

The doctor was teaching everyone. During the class, the doctor noticed someone eavesdropping outside the door. The student asked the doctor what was wrong. The doctor said it was okay. Maybe he was dazzled. After the class, Wen Renjun found Hang Ruxue and put on the image of Hang Ruxue. I gave it to Hang Ruxue. I hope Hang Ruxue can help find it. This scene happened to be seen by Fu Yuanzhi. Fu Yuanzhi approached Hang Ruxue.

Fu Yuanzhi asked Hang Ruxue what was on the note? Han Ruxue said it was nothing, and Fu Yuanzhi said, this Wen Renjun gave you a jade pendant image? Hang Ruxue told Fu Yuanzhi that Wen Renjun wanted to ask where he could buy this jade pendant, and then Xing Ruxue asked Fu Yuanzhi if there was anything else. Nothing was perfunctory, and then he left. Fu Yuanzhi was only surprised.

When Hang Ruxue met Zhao Qinghe, she gave Chaizi to her. Zhao Qinghe went to the classroom and everyone was talking about whether Zhao Qinghe had nothing to do with Hang Ruxue. Wen Renjun and Lu Xingyun are practicing martial arts. Lu Xingyun asked Wen Renjun why he was so happy and if there was a big happy event. Wen Renjun said no, but when he grew up, he was ready to be a chivalrous master like a master. However, Lu Xingyun blamed Wen Renjun, because the rivers and lakes were sinister, and hoped Wen Renjun would protect himself.

Wen Renjun asked Lu Xingyun if he thought of the younger sister, Lu Xingyun was helpless. Since calling Hang Ruxue, then Hang Ruxue went to the classroom to find Zhao Qinghe, and told everyone in front of all the classmates that he and Zhao Qinghe have nothing to do with him now, and there will be no relationship in the future. Teacher Hang asked Zhao Qinghe to admit that Zhao Qinghe followed him. According to the theory, after a while, Zhao Qinghe ran out of the classroom crying, just when Wen Renjun saw him. Zhao Qinghe said that given himself a day, he would definitely be able to forget him, so he left. Hang Ruxue went back to the room and asked Luo Qiuchi whether he was too much today? Luo Qiu left late.

Wen Renjun pretended to be a book writer the next day and met with his book fans at the inn, and brought his newly written books to everyone one by one. Wen Renjun just wanted to leave, but when he ran into Luo Qiuchi, Wen Renjun explained to everyone that Luo Qiuchi was the stupid son of the landlord next door. Luo Qiuchi was very angry when he heard that, and after a while Wen Renjun pulled Luo Qiuchi out of the inn.

Wen Renjun hoped that Luo Qiuchi would not tell the students in the academy that they had written these books by themselves, otherwise they would be finished. Luo Qiuchi agreed, and then Luo Qiuchi asked what was written in the book, whether it was written about himself, Wen Renjun nodded, and then Luo Qiuchi read the contents of the book and was very angry. Wen Renjun wanted to run, but he was stopped by Luo Qiuchi. After a while, Wen Renjun wanted to snatch the book from Luo Qiuchi’s hand.

Luo Qiuchi and Wen Renjun started their hands. Luo Qiuchi discovered that Wen Renjun knew martial arts, and then Luo Qiuchi asked, who taught her martial arts? Wen Renjun said that he learned it from the guard at home, but Luo Qiuchi didn’t believe it. Wen Renjun said that he had promised his master and could not tell anyone that if his old man agreed, he would definitely take Luo Qiuchi to see him. Luo Qiuchi asked how old her master was. Wen Renjun said he was about the same age as his father, and then Wen Ren Jun hoped that Luo Qiuchi would not be angry, Luo Qiuchi said he would consider it.

Luo Qiuchi said that even if it is an old man, he is a man. Wen Renjun said that he knew it. Wen Renjun told Luo Qiuchi that she was like an old mother. Then Luo Qiuchi threw the book at Wen Renjun, and Wen Renjun said A cry of old mother. The next person told Fu Yuanzhi that the pair was in Dongshi now, so Fu Yuanzhi went to a pawn shop in Dongshi and exchanged a famous painting for the waist wear. The next day, Fu Yuanzhi went to the academy. Fu Yuanzhi asked Wen Renjun if he did something wrong. Why should he keep his distance now?

Then Fu Yuanzhi saw that Wen Renjun was so serious, he laughed and said that he was joking, and then told Wen Renjun that he wanted to see the waist wear. Wen Renjun said that the waist wear was actually given to Zhao Qinghe by Hang Ruxue. , Fu Yuanzhi was surprised. In the evening, Fu Yuanzhi pretended to be a man in black to set up Luo Qiuchi’s words, but Luo Qiuchi found out in time that he was not trying to chase him. After a while, the black man ran out. The next day, Luo Qiuchi told Hang Ruxue and Wen Renjun that that The man in black is a fake, Hang Ruxue told Luo Qiuchi to be more careful.

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