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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 11 Recap

Wen Renjun and Lu Xingyun are practicing martial arts, Wen Renjun wants to ask Lu Xingyun a question, and Lu Xingyun agrees to let Wen Renjun ask questions. Wen Renjun asks the rumor that Lu Xingyun bravely rescued the younger sister Regarding the dilemma, Lu Xingyun said that people outside were rumoring, Wen Renjun asked Lu Xingyun if he ever liked someone in particular? Then Lu Xingyun became angry. Lu Xingyun told Wen Renjun that there was a previous story that she and her junior sister were childhood sweethearts and wanted to fight the sword.

One day, she rescued a man who was hunted down by officers and soldiers, but My younger sister did not listen to her and her master’s advice, and she just left the person in the villa to recover from his injuries. In the end, the younger sister fell in love with this person who shouldn’t love, so Lu Xingyun walked away and didn’t want to mention this matter again.

Wen Renjun was taken to the inn by the maid to meet Li Lingbi at this time. Hang Ruxue and Luo Qiuchi were also on the street. Luo Qiuchi was surrounded by the girls at this time, because the girls admired Luo Qiuchi’s talents, and Hang Ruxuebin Before leaving, he said to Luo Qiuchi that Luo Qiuchi was too chic here, and he left, and then Luo Qiuchi also hurried away. Luo Qiuchi and the girls went to the inn to eat. Luo Qiuchi happened to see Wen Renjun and Li Lingbi fall. Luo Qiuchi was very dissatisfied. He thought that Wen Renjun was having a private meeting with a man.

Luo Qiuchi asked Xiao Er to send a pot of wine to Wen Renjun. At one table, Wen Renjun saw Luo Qiuchi and was surprised. After a while, Luo Qiuchi took Wen Renjun outside. Wen Renjun explained to Luo Qiuchi that Li Lingbi liked her sister. Then Luo Qiuchi said, what does this have to do with you? Wen Wenjun said that it was just her sister who wanted to help herself, and then Luo Qiuchi warned Wen Renjun not to get too close with other men in the future. Hang Ruxue and Zhao Qinghe ran into Hang Ruxue at the weapon shop. They learned that the weapons the boss sold to them and the food and drink they sent to the academy were all sent by Zhao Qinghe. They were very angry. Zhao Qinghe ran away angrily. Up.

Wen Renjun took Luo Qiuchi to his father’s study, and Wen Renjun asked Luo Qiuchi to change his father’s clothes. Luo Qiuchi found something familiar, but Wen Renjun came here just in time, and after Wen Renshu heard the sound, he entered. study. After a while, Luo Qiuchi pretended to be Wen Renshu’s father, and Wen Renshu asked what was wrong with his father’s voice. Wen Renjun said that his father was in the rain today, so his voice changed a little. Wen Renshu wanted to see his father, but Luo Qiuchi waved his hand and Wen Renshu stopped. When he lived, Luo Qiuchi pretended to be Wenrenshu’s father and let Wenrenshu kneel down, and also asked Wenrenshu to copy the song of Chang Hen, and then deceived Wenrenshu away.

The next day Wen Renshu gave Wen Renshu the copied Song of Long Hatred to Wen’s father. Wen Renshu was puzzled. Wen Renshu told his father that he let him copy it. Then Wen Renshu took the paper and walked and looked at it. Wen Renshu felt that his father The performance is strange. Zhao Qinghe and Wen Renjun said that Hang Ruxue already knew that she would buy him medicine, food and weapons. Zhao Qinghe was very distressed. Wen Renjun planned to help Zhao Qinghe. The next day, Hang Ruxue borrowed from his subordinates. After returning to the room with some money, Hang Ruxue counted the money, just in time Luo Qiuchi saw it. Luo Qiuchi asked Hang Wuxue if he really wanted to pay back a lot of money. Hang Ruxue said that she wanted to talk. So Luo Qiuchi suggested that Hang Ruxue send the same thing to Zhao Qinghe, so as not to tear her face, so Hang Ruxue asked Luo Qiuchi what should be given to him.

Luo Qiuchi said that it’s a girl, and it’s definitely not wrong to give jewelry. Yes, so Luo Qiuchi went to Wen Renjun and told Wen Renjun that he had done this. When Luo Qiuchi saw that Renjun ignored him, he stepped forward and asked Wen Renjun what he was doing. Wen Renjun said that he was painting and was ready to paint. Wen Renjun told Luo Qiuchi that his waist was missing and he would paint again. One is that Wen Renjun gave Luo Qiuchi the waist wear image he painted. Luo Qiuchi is very grateful to Wen Renjun.

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