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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 14 Recap

Director Kong took the address given by Park Jae-woo directly to Quan Hee-jung’s house and said that he would come to make up for Park Qicai. Quan Xi was hurriedly letting Director Kong come into the room to speak, and immediately rushed to Park Qicai’s room to tell her that Director Kong was here and that he would make up for her. Afterwards, he brought the breakfast originally prepared for Park Qicai to Director Kong, saying that Park Qicai studied late last night, and soon Park Qicai went downstairs after finishing up. After Park Jae-gong got up, she heard Park Jae-woo say that Director Kong had gone to Quan Hee-jung’s house to find Park Qicai. They discussed that they would prepare a party. Park Jae-gung offered to everyone to go to an outdoor barbecue.

Hearing that Director Kong was looking for Park Qicai’s homework for these two days, Quan Hee hurried back to the room and took out his own PPT homework, which he said was Park Qicai’s homework. Director Kong saw that Park Qicai did a good job, so she can ask herself if she doesn’t understand anything. Pu Qicai was in the mist, so she just clicked her finger and said that she didn’t understand it very well. Quan Xizheng was very acquainted with the excuse that he was going to cut the fruit.

Unexpectedly, just a few minutes later, Park Qicai slipped into the kitchen and asked Quan Xizheng to find a way to get Director Kong away before noon. Quan Xi was unable to do anything, so she had to let her go back to class first, and figure out the rest by herself. Director Kong was talking to Park Qicai very well, and Park Qicai was worrying about the reason for letting him leave.

At this moment, Director Kong received a call and asked him to go back to school to film. Director Kong was reluctant to leave. After leaving Quan Xizheng’s home and waiting for him to leave, Quan Xizheng said that the principal’s assistant is his father’s friend, and it is normal to make a mistake on a meeting list. At this time, Park Qicai received a call from Park Jae-gong, and agreed to the barbecue in one bite. She also said that she would go there with Quan Hee Jung in the future.

The two quickly arrived at the barbecue site, but they didn’t expect that Cha Yunxian would also come. The moment Quan Xi was looking at him, the eyes of both seemed to have a certain murderous look. Park Jaeyu wanted to go with Lin Yi, but he never got through Lin Yi’s phone, he couldn’t help looking a little frustrated. Park Qi Cai continued to recover from his injuries at Quan Hee Jung’s house. She suddenly played a tune that day, which was the one that Quan Hee Jung played when he was a child. Right after hearing the piano sound, Quan Hee felt a little emotional and asked Park Qi Cai why he wanted to play this piece.

Seeing that he was in a bad mood, Park Qicai asked him what happened, but Quan Xizheng told her not to inquire about her privacy. In order to relieve the embarrassment, Park Qicai said that to celebrate that her foot was healed, she would go out and buy something delicious. Quan Xizheng came to the front of the piano alone, and his hands trembled a lot when he touched the piano. He also seemed to be in great pain and couldn’t control himself at all. But Kwon Hee-jung’s tremor symptoms were also seen by Park Qicai. She privately checked the cause of the tremor on the Internet, and planned to think of some way to help him. Cha Yunxian saw Park Qicai secretly go to the infirmary at school, and he didn’t let him follow.

He went back to the classroom and asked Kwon Heezheng how long Park Qicai had practiced, making Park Qicai go to the medical service. Room. Quan Xi didn’t say anything, but he was still worried. He hurried to the infirmary and found that Park Qicai was asking about shaking hands. He directly dragged Park Qicai out of the infirmary and told her not to be nosy. Park Jaeyu was about to send a video to Lin to apologize, but suddenly received a call saying that his tuition teacher had changed. Lin Yi was heartbroken, and kept making calls to Yang Kong, but never got through. Park Zaiyu couldn’t get in touch with Lin Yi, so he went to find her where Lin Yi often went.

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