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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 13 Recap

Quan Hee Jung’s mother solemnly handed Park Qi Cai to Quan Hee Jung’s care, and then she took care of Quan Hee Jung’s father. Park Jaeyu followed Yang Kong silently, trying to see his true face. Park Qicai got snack pockets everywhere in the room, and the clothes were piled up in a mess. Quan Hee happened to say that it made Park Qicai feel that it was really bad to be sent under the fence. She told Quan Heezheng that she was going to take a bath, but when she walked into the bathroom, she found that she had forgotten to take the bath towel. Quan Heejeong gave her the bath towel and accidentally saw her diary.

Park Jaegong practiced acting alone in front of the mirror, and Aman walked in and informed him that he was ready to start shooting. Park Qicai took the initiative to apologize to Quan Xizheng, saying that she didn’t mean to, and asked him to forgive herself. Park Jae-gong was criticized by the director for lacking emotions because of his acting skills, but he was too entangled with the acne on his face.

A scene was too long and the director was about to lose control. Seeing that he couldn’t perform his best acting skills, Aman walked into the set and pinched him while acting, and finally passed it all at once. After the filming of this scene, Aman took the initiative to take the ice pack and apologize to him, saying that he was also for his own good, and just wanted him to play the scene seriously. She also took out the video that Park Jaegong passed smoothly on her mobile phone, saying that with really good acting skills, no one would care if the actor’s face has acne.

Park Qicai was about to write an apology letter to Quan Hee Jung. When she was writing it seriously, the letter was snatched by Quan Hee Jung. Park Qicai didn’t want him to see it, so she reached out and grabbed it, but she almost fell because of her foot injury. On the contrary, Quan Xi was hurriedly holding her back and said that he forgave her. Yang Kong made an appointment with Kong Tao Tao to meet in the cafe. Kong Tao Tao told him that he had made an appointment to take Yang Kong to see his mother tonight. Park Jaeyu secretly recorded the conversation between the two and said that he must expose Yang Kong’s true face. Quan Hee was about to go shopping at the mall, and Park Qi Cai had to go with him. There was no way, Quan Xi had to take the unhealed foot injury Park Qi Cai to the mall.

Lin Yi came to the boxing gym where her father works. She happened to see that his father almost fainted due to lack of physical strength. She was very worried about his father’s health and offered to do the sorting work for him. At this moment, Park Jae Yu also came to the boxing gym, preparing to invite Lin Yi to dinner with him. Quan Hee prepared dinner for Park Qi when she got home, and when she was full, he urged her to return to the room to do homework. Park Zaiyu brought Lin Yi straight to the meeting arranged by Yang Kong and Kong Taotao.

He said to Lin Yi that since he was here, he must go in and make things clear. He rushed in and messed up the meeting. Yang Kong was very angry, saying that Lin Yi had completely ruined his future and would never want to see her again. After leaving the restaurant, Park Jaeyu explained to Lin Yi that he really saw the closeness between Yang Kong and Kong Taotao, but the situation today was indeed something he hadn’t expected. Lin Yi was heartbroken because of Yang Kong’s attitude.

She turned around and slapped Park Jaeyu directly, asking him if he was satisfied now. Park Qicai cleaned up the house hygiene as agreed and found that Quan Hee was preparing to take the Juilliard School of Music. Quan Hee was checking her work results by the way, and it did not pass the inspection without accident, so she still has to wake up at seven tomorrow to study. Director Kong came to Park Qicai’s home early in the morning and said that he was here to give Park Qicai a make-up lesson. Park Jaeyu had no choice but to say that Park Qicai was recovering from his injuries at Quan Hee Jung’s home.

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