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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 38 Recap

Ling Xiao asked them when they would return to Singapore on the way to send Chen Ting back to the hotel, and he could help them book the air tickets. Qin Meiyang was very upset that Ling Xiao was so anxious to drive them away? Ling Xiao did not say anything and then said that Qin Meiyang should not give He Ziqiu money. When Ling Xiao returned home, he found that the lights were not turned on. He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian held the cake and lit candles to celebrate his birthday. Then Ling Xiao made three wishes and joked that He Ziqiu would return the cake money to him.

Then the three of them blew out the cake and divided it into pieces, and Ling Xiao just felt like it had his birthday. Qi Mingyue told Tang Can about her parents’ quarrel at home, and Tang Can said that Qi Mingyue was still running away. Qi Mingyue retorted that Tang Can was not compromised like her parents. Tang Can said that she did not compromise like her parents but compromised her fate. Now she spends a lot of time at the museum and has a better relationship with her parents. She also has no worries about it. The actor’s affairs are also a relief.

Li Haichao used fish to make meatballs at home and then came to Mae’s shop. He told Mae that he could not sleep well because of her problem. Li Haichao said that he thinks Anna Mae is a selfish person, so she shouldn’t push Ziqiu outside, because she can take care of someone else’s child in this way but ignore Ziqiu. Li Haichao asked Mae to explain to herself, and Mae asked the clerk to take Dongdong out and told Li Haichao the truth. On the other side, He Ziqiu went to the hospital to visit her second uncle. When the second aunt sent He Ziqiu away, she mentioned Anna Mae’s affairs.

It was not easy for He Ziqiu not to hate Anna Mae. Then the second aunt accidentally said that he went to visit Anna Mae in prison. Anna Mae wrote a lot of letters to He Ziqiu but was afraid to write to He Ziqiu. Then the second aunt was going to leave and he was caught by He Ziqiu and asked about the matter. Anna Mae told Li Haichao that when a customer came to the store because of allergies, she accidentally pulled her and then she and the woman fell on the steps and died.

She was sentenced to four years for manslaughter. At that time, He Mei dared not tell his family that only He Lan knew. Li Haichao was shocked and realized that Ziqiu and He Mei did not want to say anything but carried them by themselves. Li Haichao said that even if he is good to Ziqiu, there is something in his heart that only Mae can give, and he wants to make up for Ziqiu little by little. At this time, Li Haichao suddenly received a call from Helan, who told him that He Ziqiu already knew all about He Mei.

He Ziqiu was walking by the sea alone, and Li Haichao told Ling Xiao and Li Jianjian about this. After seeing the news, the two people were afraid that Ling Xiao would have an accident, so they put down their work and went to find He Ziqiu, only to find that He Ziqiu was sitting alone under the big tree by the sea. The two sat next to He Ziqiu and asked about He Ziqiu’s thoughts. He Ziqiu said that he hadn’t thought about what to do but he knew that He Mei hadn’t abandoned or remarried, and he was very relieved. In the evening, He Ziqiu was drinking and chatting with Li Haichao at the noodle restaurant. Li Haichao asked He Ziqiu about his thoughts. He Ziqiu said that if he went to find Anna Mae, he would appear very deliberate.

Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao hugged at home and watched TV. Ling Heping suddenly came back and cared a few words about Ling Xiao and then left. Ling Xiao suddenly said that Li Jianjian was married to him, and Li Jianjian was immediately confused. Jin Yuxiang called Qi Mingyue to ask for the account page. Qi Mingyue delayed in every possible way, but Jin Yuxiang said to get it by herself. Jin Yuxiang and Tang Can went to Qi Mingyue’s room to look for the household registration page after entering the house, but they were very angry when they found that the civil servant’s books and notes were fake, so they called Qi Mingyue to come back immediately.

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