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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 37 Recap

Anna Mae hurried back to the beauty salon to learn that Dongdong had been taken to the police station. Luo Hong also came at this time. When both of them were in trouble, Anna Mae remembered that Li Haichao could ask Ling Heping to help. After Anna Mae called Li Haichao, Ling Heping successfully asked Anna Mae to take the child away. Only then did Ling Heping and Li Haichao realize that Dongdong was not Anna Mae’s child but the child of a clerk in the beauty salon before Anna Mae.

Dongdong’s father often abuses Dongdong’s mother at home, but Dongdong’s mother thinks that although he does domestic violence, he will endure it without beating his children. Until one time he snatched the man’s knife and accidentally killed him, he was sentenced to four years in prison and he was about to be released from prison. At this time, the dog was muttering in Dongdong’s mouth, and then Li Haichao picked up Dongdong to realize that Dongdong wanted the dog in his family.

Anna Mae and Dongdong went back to the noodle restaurant with Li Haichao. Li Haichao told the owner of Dongdong about the supermarket, and finally agreed to let Mae take the dog away. Anna Mae was very embarrassed to say that she didn’t mean to trouble Li Haichao anymore, but he did not expect to trouble him. Li Haichao asked Anna Mae if Dongdong was not her child and she did not remarry, why did she push Ziqiu out? Anna Mae said that Ziqiu was raised by Li Haichao as his son, and he wanted to do what he said. Li Haichao asked Anna Mae back when he said he was coming to pick up He Ziqiu, why didn’t he do what he said? Anna Mae was very uncomfortable when she heard this, and Li Haichao had no choice but to comfort her.

Ling Xiao accompanied Chen Ting and Qin Meiyang to stroll outside one night when he returned home and said hello to He Ziqiu before returning to his room. Back in the room, he found Li Jianjian in his room and quickly closed the door. Li Jianjian sneaked in while He Ziqiu was taking a bath and wanted to sleep with her because he was worried that Ling Xiao could not sleep well. Ling Xiao asked Li Jianjian to go back to bed because he was going to accompany Chen Ting to Gulangyu early in the morning and if he let Li Haichao know that Li Jianjian was not sleeping well with him. Li Jianjian had to take advantage of He Ziqiu’s return to the room and ran back secretly.

The next day, Ling Xiao saw the shoes Li Jianjian gave him and put it on very happily. Qi Mingyue said goodbye to everyone and went to the airport to meet his father and went straight to the restaurant. Qi Mingyue’s father and mother had a quarrel and said that Jin Yuxiang didn’t discuss anything with herself. What if she is going to buy a house if she gets sick or has an accident? In the end, the two people broke up and broke up. Jin Yuxiang said that he would divorce if he didn’t buy a house. Qi Mingyue’s father turned his head and left.

Tang Can ate with his parents. His mother said that Tang Can had already earned two sets of houses and a car for the family. Now it would be nice to be an ordinary person. In the end, Tang Can also said that he would obey and stabilize. On the other side, Qin Meiyang went to He Ziqiu’s shop to get cakes. Qin Meiyang asked for the price. He Ziqiu said that he didn’t want the money, but Qin Meiyang was determined to give away the money in the end. In the evening, Chen Ting celebrated Ling Xiao’s birthday at the hotel. At this time, everyone knew that Chen Ting asked Qin Meiyang to give He Ziqiu money, so He Ziqiu did not come.

Then Chen Ting first toasted Li Haichao in her words indicating that Ling Xiao was not Li Haichao’s biological son, and then toasted Ling Heping. Qin Meiyang also came when Li Jianjian went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Qin Meiyang asked if Li Jianjian was in love with Ling Xiao? Li Jianjian directly admitted, but Qin Meiyang said that she felt that Chen Ting did not like her and she was unwilling to let Li Jianjian be her sister-in-law. Li Jianjian forcedly endured that he didn’t care what they thought of them, and finally Li Haichao prepared to let Ling Heping send Li Jianjian but Li Jianjian found an excuse to leave first.

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