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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 36 Recap

After answering the phone, Tang Can made up his mind not to be an actor, and then packed up all his previous clothes and prepared to throw them away. Tang Can called for Li Jianjian’s help. Qi Mingyue and Li Jianjian were both curious that Tang Can was going crazy and throwing away her favorite clothes. Then the three people asked Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu to help put the clothes downstairs. When they got there, He Ziqiu said that if Tang Can regrets it, they can carry it back. Tang Can made up his mind this time and ran back without looking back. Home. Li Haichao came again at the noodle shop.

Teacher Zhang took out the dumplings he made and said that he made them for his son and let Li Haichao taste it. Li Haichao was originally unwilling, but Teacher Zhang directly used chopsticks to feed Li Haichao, and the waiter on the side quickly avoided seeing it. At this time, Ling Heping came to Li Haichao and saw this scene, and then left dingy. When the three children went home to eat at noon, Ling Heping imitated Teacher Zhang in front of Li Jianjian and fed Li Haichao to eat dumplings, causing everyone to laugh. Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao said that it was good to move one by one, but Li Haichao said that she and Teacher Zhang were not suitable for her to move too much. Ling Xiao finally said that if Li Haichao is unwilling, then forget it. After all, Li Haichao is too quiet and easy to be bullied.

On the other side, Tang Can approached Zhuang Bei and told him to tell his mother not to place an order at his own errand shop in the future, and not to do it himself. But it was the last time that Zhuangbei’s mother entrusted him to do it. Tang Can told Zhuangbei that Qi Mingyue hadn’t experienced feelings, so it wasn’t that Zhuangbei was bad, and he just wanted to make Zhuangbei not think about it. Ling Xiao’s birthday is approaching. Qin Meiyang and Chen Ting secretly returned to the country. In the hotel, Qin Meiyang wanted to call Ling Xiao to tell Ling Xiao, but Chen Ting refused to say that this would not surprise Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao and Li Jianjian came home after guessing the punch and jumping.

Originally, Ling Xiao held Li Jianjian but saw Chen Ting and Qin Meiyang and Li Jianjian escaped. Then Ling Xiao hugged Li Jianjian again, and then led Chen Ting and Qin Meiyang into his room. Chen Ting asked who Ling Xiao lived with and other things. It happened that Li Jianjian brought the fruit. Chen Ting said that Ling Xiao and Li Haichao would go to the hotel for dinner on Ling Xiao’s birthday. Ling Heping and Li Haichao said that he was worried about what Chen Ting would do when he returned to China this time. Li Haichao said that Li Jianjian told him that Chen Ting was very polite with him. Maybe it was a better person.

When Ling Xiao went to bed at night, the same voice that Chen Ting used to call him appeared again. At this time, Li Jianjian came in quietly to sleep with him. Originally, Ling Xiao wanted to refuse, but Li Jianjian insisted repeatedly and had no choice but to agree. In the end, Ling Xiao finally fell asleep with Li Jianjian’s company. Anna Mae came to the hospital to visit Helan, and then went to the restaurant for dinner with Holland. Two people talked about the past Helan said that if Anna Mae and Li Haichao got married, they would not be like this. He Mei was uncomfortable and gave Helan some money when he finally left. Helan was also very touched and asked Anna Mae to contact him frequently.

After Anna Mae went out, the beauty shop called to tell him that Dongdong was gone, and he saw Dongdong running after a dog on the surveillance. Chen Ting and Qin Meiyang came to Lingxiao’s place to work, came to the front desk to ask about Lingxiao and took out the gifts they had brought from Singapore. Feng. Xixi saw that she came to greet Chen Ting and took Chen Ting to the rest room. Ling Xiao went to the rest room after seeing the patient and met her colleague on the way to thank her mother. When I came to the lounge, Ling Xiao found out that Chen Ting was there. Ling Xiao said that he had transferred to others in the afternoon and took them around.

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