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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 35 Recap

Qi Mingyue was worried that she would be upset by telling Tang Can that she would be unhappy. Li Jianjian took her home and said that he would confess to her while Tang Can was in a good mood today. When I returned home, I found that Tang Can was very excited about changing clothes for the next day’s interview. When I saw Li Jianjian and Qi Mingyue come out, let them see how they were wearing? Originally, Li Jianjian promised Qi Mingyue to help her, but when Tang Can changed his clothes, Li Jianjian pushed Qi Mingyue out and let Tang Can wait for Qi Mingyue to tell her something.

Qi Mingyue told Tang Can what Zhuang Bei liked about herself, but Tang Can was very calm and said that he had known it a few days ago because Zhuang Bei used Qi Mingyue’s photo as a wallpaper. Tang Can said that he had made it clear with Zhuang Bei. Still a friend and asked Qi Mingyue to think about Zhuang Bei, Qi Mingyue resolutely refused to say that she hated this the most and had already blacked Zhuang Bei. During breakfast the next day, Tang Can kept changing clothes. He Ziqiu talked about Zhuang Bei’s affairs and Qi Mingyue asked him to tell Zhuang Bei that she was not suitable for him. After Tang Can changed clothes, everyone thought she was wearing very beautiful.

Tang Can came to the producer’s company and waited for a long time to see the producer and director. The producer and director asked Tang Can to show his back and asked about his height. He was very satisfied with Tang Can. Tang Can said that when he challenged other faces, the director But the producer asked her to act as a stand-in for the heroine.

If Tang Can agreed, Tang Can would be given priority in the next play. Tang Can was very disappointed and never thought that he had fallen into a stand-in. On the other hand, Jin Yuxiang called Qi Mingyue down and said there was something urgent, and then told Qi Mingyue that the real estate house opposite to Qi Mingyue’s house was good and wanted Qi Mingyue to buy a house. Qi Mingyue said that she had no money. A deposit of 200,000 yuan was given, and she and Qi Mingyue’s father helped her repay the loan in the early stage.

Qi Mingyue originally disagreed, but Jin Yuxiang had already given a deposit of 200,000 yuan and it was non-refundable. After talking to Jin Yuxiang, Zhuang Bei found Qi Mingyue and stopped her. Qi Mingyue was in a bad mood and then very Decisively said that she would not like him, she would feel uncomfortable thinking of Zhuang Bei and then left. At this time, Li Jianjian was buying shoes in a shoe store, and she picked a pair of black and white to give to Ling Xiao and her little brother. At this time, Qi Mingyue called her and asked if she had time in the afternoon.

Li Jianjian, Tang Can, and Qi Mingyue gathered together in the afternoon. Tang Can first told them what happened to him today, and Li Jianjian all helped Tang Can fight the injustice. Qi Mingyue then told Jin Yuxiang about buying a house for herself. Tang Can sighed at this time that when he was a child, he thought that all roads lead to Rome. The two sighed for a while. Li Jianjian recounted that he secretly went home and saw that Li Haichao took two minutes to reply to his WeChat message, just because he told him not to speak to himself. Li Jianjian sighed that at that time he discovered that his father was old, and then Li Jianjian cried.

Tang Can and Qi Mingyue also lamented that their parents did it for their own good, and then comforted Li Jianjian. The three people went home and found that all the express delivery on the table was sent to her by Tang Can’s parents. Tang Can went back to the room and called his father. On the phone, he was bickering and caring with his mother. Finally, he expressed his willingness to work in a museum. Qi Mingyue also went back to the room and called her father to tell her mother about buying a house. Qi Mingyue’s father said that he would wait for him to return. And asked Qi Mingyue not to hand over her account page to Jin Yuxiang for the loan.

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