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Deep Lurk (2020) 迷局破之深潜

Deep Lurk (2020)
Other Title: 迷局破之深潜 / 迷局破之深潜 / Deep dive of the puzzle

Genres: drama, Historical, War
 China Mainland
Liu Guohui, Zhao Lijun
Yang Nannan
Release Date: 
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  • Cheng Yi as Wen Ye Ming
  • Ying Er as Yun Mu Zhi
  • Liu Huan
  • Zhang Tian Yang
  • Han Cheng Yu as Ling Han
  • He Zhong Hua

The story revolves around special agents fighting against the enemies during the war of Changsha. Source: DramaWiki

During the War of Resistance Against Japan, in order to successfully occupy Changsha, the Japanese used the “Black Deacon”, a strategic agent who had been lurking in China for 15 years, to implement a long-planned strategic deception plan. Yun Muzhi, a member of the underground party of the Communist Party of China, was killed while investigating the “black butler.” Unknown to his father’s true identity, Yun Hongshen returned to his hometown of Changsha to track down the murderer of his father, and was immediately caught in the trap of the “black deacon”.

When he was lost and helpless, his father’s former friend, Yang Ziming, a member of the underground CCP, gave him great help and protection, and he finally saw through the opponent’s scam. Under the leadership of the Communist Party, Yun Hongshen joined hands with the patriotic youth Wen Yeming, set up bureaus in the game, step by step, put down family feuds in the face of national hatred, set himself as a dead game, and dug out the hidden in the army. Japanese strategic agents turned the tide of the battle and made great contributions to the victory of the first battle of Changsha.

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