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Miss S (2020) 旗袍美探

Miss S (2020)
Other Title: 旗袍美探 / Ai Si Xiao Jie Tan An Ji / Miss S Murder Mysteries / Ai Si Xiao Jie / 爱思小姐探案集 / Qi Pao Mei Tan

Genres: drama, Romance, Crime, Detective, Investigation
Deng Ke
BTV, Tencent Video
Release Date: 
Aug 28, 2020 – Sep 9, 2020
Related Show:
A Chinese remake of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”


  • Ma Yi Li as Su Wen Li
  • Vengo Gao as Luo Qiu Heng
  • Bu Guan Jin as Xiao Tao Zi
  • Wu Hao Chen as Shen Xiao An
  • Xu Shao Ying as Lao Song
  • Michelle Dong as Liu Ru Qing

It Set in the Shanghai Bund in the 1940s, it revolves around a female detective who solve multiple cases.

The chronological suspense drama “Miss Aisi Detective Collection” brings together many popular and powerful celebrities such as Ma Yili, Gao Weiguang, Dong Xuan, Bu Guanjin, Wu Haochen, Tian Niu, Yao Anlian, etc. The story takes place in the French Concession of Shanghai and played by Ma Yili “Su Wenli” is a female detective who is patrolling the housemaid, independent and independent; Gao Weiguang’s “Luo Qiuheng” is a detective, wise and calm, with a sullen character, rigorous, and a sense of justice, and she does her own way with Su Wenli The styles of doing things are completely different. It’s the story of two people who met each other and attracted each other in order to solve a suspenseful case.

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