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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 1 Recap

The mystery drama “Miss Aisi Detective Collection” brought together many popular and powerful figures such as Ma Yili, Gao Weiguang, Dong Xuan, Bu Guanjin, Wu Haochen, Tian Niu, Yao Anlian, etc. The story takes place in the French Concession of Shanghai, played by Ma Yili as “Su Wenli” She is a female detective on patrol, independent and independent; Gao Weiguang’s “Luo Qiuheng” is a detective, wise and calm, with a sullen character, rigorous, and a sense of justice, which is completely different from Su Wenli’s own way of doing things. When these two people met, they faced each other in order to solve a suspenseful case, and attracted each other, and finally sparked the story.

The streets are bustling and lively. Aunt Han Rong and Ma Minlan are planning a charity party at home. Li Qiaomei is carrying a baggage and preparing to leave the compound. Xiao Taozi bids farewell to her, and then finds that Hu Yunlang is dead at home. The two brothers discussed what kind of customers would easily need to take a taxi and earn tips. Ruqing received Su Wenli and gave a bunch of flowers. Su Wenli bought a lot of things before returning to China, so she took a lot of suitcases. Just now the two brothers took the initiative to ask when they saw them. Ruqing asked them to put the suitcases in the car, and Su Wenli saw a lot of excitement. I went to check it out.

It was the police handling the drug dealing incident between the Haiyan Gang and the Ningcheng Gang. According to the information received, the inspector thought that the drugs were on the observation tower. Many people were afraid of it because of the height. Chen Xiaoan was forced to go up. Su Wenli also arrived. I thought it was impossible for people to put drugs on the tower, and Luo Qiuheng happened to come. The two made a simple introduction to each other. Luo Qiuheng went to observe the ground, and unexpectedly found that the shadow of the tower just fell on the warehouse after the sun was irradiated. Wenli came out to reason, and Luo Qiuheng successfully found the drugs in the warehouse. Su Wenli wanted to go in and have a look but was intercepted by Luo Qiuheng with an excuse. Su Wenli had no choice but to leave, and found Ruqing and gave the two brothers a lot of tips. Ruqing thought Su Wenli hadn’t put down Su Wenfei, Su Wen.

However, Li said that Wen Fei never died in her heart, and she learned that Ding Rushan wanted to be released early and dreamed that she would let him plead guilty to the law. The two were going to have dinner at Ma Minlan’s house. When they arrived at Ma Minlan’s house, they were told that the lunch was cancelled. It turned out that Hu Yunlang was dead. Su Wenli wanted to go up to see the situation and was stopped. She went up forcibly on the grounds of going to the toilet. After Luo Qiuheng came up and let her go down, Su Wenli went up when she saw Xiao Taozi’s movements. I asked how are you okay, but Xiao Taozi ignored him, took a glass of water and left. Fan Jingyu came to greet him, and Luo Qiuheng took a look and left.

Several people were discussing whether to organize the dance party and the charity party. Luo Qiuheng talked with the police here and thought that all the people in Hu Yunlang’s house were suspected, as well as the servants. Li Qiaomei was stopped by a taxi in the name of being drunk. Afterwards, the two taxi brothers discovered that Li Qiaomei was not drunk and had a lot of blood under her body. Su Wenli took the sugar packet to Ruqing for a laboratory test, thinking that this powder was generally prescribed for women with epilepsy, neurasthenia, and uterine displacement. Then she learned that a girl had an accident and went to the operation. Su Wenli comforted her two brothers Liu Ruqing, who are high-achieving students, and introduced themselves to each other. One is called Lao Song and the other is called Xiao Tan.

Then the three people arrived at the police station to solve the matter, but they were told that the police could do nothing. Although they knew who it was, there was no evidence. Su Wenli decided to find it herself. Su Wenli condolences Ma Minlan and informed that the death of Hu Yunlang was suspected to be related to Li Qiaomei. Ma Minlan retorted that she did not dare to kill even a cockroach. Su Wenli told Fan Jingyu that she saw him dance with a girl three years ago. Fan Jingyu said that her sister had passed away for more than half a year, and then a man invited Su Wenli to dance.

Luo Qiuheng came to Hu Yunlang’s house and told him that he died because of poisoning. It was confirmed that he was killed because of the arsenic mixed in the sugar bag. He wanted to take Xiao Taozi away. Su Wenli stopped and said that they were stupid and gave her business card to Xiao Taozi. She can ask herself for help. Then Su Wenli followed Fan Jingyu under the cover of night, while Luo Qiuheng was interrogating Xiao Taozi on the other side. Fan Jingyu told the shopkeeper that he was here to pick up the goods, and then two people came and said that he might not have been picking up the goods, but may be the spies in the patrol room.

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