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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 12 Recap

Quan Hee was still asleep, his mother came to the room and asked him to help him see if his clothes look good, and said that he was going to the scene to support Park Jae-gong ‘s film conference today. Park Qicai reluctantly came to the scene to support him under the coercion and lure of Park Jaegong. Quan Hee saw the live broadcast of the movie conference on the Internet, and saw Park Qicai’s mindless look and laughed at her stupidly.

A bunch of reporters surrounded Park Jae-gong and asked him how he felt when he played the leading role again this time, and also asked if he was questioned by the public a few years ago because of his poor acting skills, whether there is any ulterior narrative in the protagonist now.

These words seemed to poke the scars deep in Park’s heart in the palace, and he stood there blankly and couldn’t speak. At this time, a thief suddenly appeared in the audience. He secretly cut her bag while the crowd was not paying attention, but was spotted by Park Qicai. She yelled and stopped, scaring the thief to grab the bag and ran away. Quanxi saw the chaos at the scene on his cell phone, and quickly called his mother. Park Qicai watched the thief run away, and hurriedly chased it out, accidentally hurting her foot.

Park Zaiyu sneaked out to see Lin Yi . Just when the two met, they received a call from Park Jaegong, saying that Park Qicai was injured and asked him to come back and have a look. Quan Xizheng came to the hospital as soon as he received the call from his mother, and found that the heroine who was chasing the bag was Park Qicai.

He was too surprised. In order to create opportunities for Park Qi Cai and Quan Zhe Jung to get along, Park Jae Woo deliberately dismissed Park Jae Woo and left them the opportunity to get along. When Park Jaeyu walked out of the ward, he was surprised to see Yang Kong and Kong Taotao in the hall. It turned out that Kong Taotao’s foot was also injured. He accompanied him to the hospital to apply medicine. Kong Taotao was moved and said thank you Yang Kong, and gave him a kiss after that. Park Jaeyu took photos of all this.

When Park Jaeyu returned home, he specially videoed a friend of his lawyers and asked her what he should do about Lin Yi. At this time, Park Jaegong returned home and saw Park Jaeyu sneaking up, so he leaned over to see what he was doing. Park Jaeyu didn’t want him to see it, but couldn’t resist Park Jaegong’s insistence on seeing it. He turned on the computer and saw that it was Park Jaegong’s ex-girlfriend. He immediately pretended to call and leave the room. In his heart, Park Zai Gong was worried that he could not play this role well, and kept encouraging himself in the mirror.

He also said that even Park Qicai has broken through himself. How can he be a big brother with stage fright. Aman seemed to have guessed Park Jaegong’s thoughts. She walked in and said that she had changed the filming period for him, and that the main scene was saved for later shooting, giving him two weeks to enter the scene.

Quan Hee was accompanying Park Qicai in the hospital, and was finally discharged under the care of her. Mother Quan took care of Park Qicai very intimately and sent them back home. After returning home, Quan’s mother told Park Jaegong that she saw that their family was full of boys and offered to let Park Qicai go to her home to heal her injuries, so that she could take good care of her.

Park Jae-gong was very happy, but Park Qicai hesitated, saying that it is not good to go to someone else’s house to recover. After some discussions, Park Qicai was escorted back to Quan’s house by Quan Hee Jeong and her son. For everyone’s first meal, Quan Hee was preparing a very hearty meal. After eating, Park Qicai tiptoed downstairs. Quan Xi was stopping when she saw her. Park Qicai was very embarrassed, because she wanted Quan Xi to buy her aunt’s towel.

Quan Xi was sitting on the sofa, thinking about the danger that Park Qicai encountered this time, and he was very afraid, so he directly scolded Park Qicai, saying that she had no strength to chase the thief. Unwilling to be wronged, Park Qicai said that she wanted to go home to live, Quan Hee was holding her and telling her that what she wanted was not her bravery, but her safety. Suddenly, Quan’s mother received a notice that Quan Xizheng’s father was sick and he was going to take care of him, so that she would stay at home and Quan Xizheng would take care of her.

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