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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 11 Recap

Lin Yi asked Yang Kong if he was in a coffee shop with Kong Taotao. He was a little angry, saying that he was just normal interpersonal contact and why Lin Yi didn’t trust him so much. Lin Yi quickly apologized to him, saying that he didn’t doubt him. Yang Kong took the opportunity to talk about Park Zaiyu and told Lin Yi not to help him with tuition in the future.

Lin Yi explained that he helped Park Zaiyu with tutoring because his brother said he was willing to give him three times the reward, and he wanted to share some pressure for him. When Yang Kong heard about the triple reward, he also let go of his prejudices and promised Lin Yi to continue tutoring him, but the premise is that he and Kong Taotao will not be misunderstood in the future. Every time he meets with Kong Taotao, he is prepared to stay in school.

Park Qicai fell asleep in class again. Director Kong yelled with anger, saying that she would not be able to pass this subject, and that she would not use it for the next class. Just asPark Qicai wanted to explain, Quan Xi coughed violently, winking at Park Qicai. Park Qicai understood that she was actually sick, but she really liked his class, and she really didn’t want to waste this opportunity. After all, many people didn’t choose it. Teacher Kong asked He Yuanzhu if it was true, and then asked Park Qicai to sit down first and then go to the hospital after class. He also said that since Park Qicai likes her class so much, she will personally help her with tuition in the future.

Park Zaiyu counted the time and came to Lin Yi’s classroom to wait for her. When Lin came out of class and saw him, he said coldly that there was no tutoring today. Park Jaeyu took out his homework and handed it to Lin Yi. Lin Yi took the homework and said that in the future, she was not allowed to ask herself about anything other than tutoring. Park Jaeyu didn’t control it, and asked her if Yang Kong and Kong Taotao were together, which directly angered Lin Yi. Park Qicai took many birthdays to thank Quan Hee Jung, and said that he was grateful for helping him out in time. I didn’t want to but found out that Quan Xi was about to celebrate his birthday, so he asked him what birthday present he liked.

Quan Hee said that she didn’t have a birthday, and warned her not to celebrate her birthday. Park Qicai said that she knew it, and when she got home, she found Park Jae-Jak and asked him to teach herself how to make a cake. She wanted to make a cake for Quan Hee Jung himself. Park Jae-jiao was very fond of her sister, and had no choice but to take out her own secret recipe for the cake. Park Qicai returned to the room and looked at the secret recipes, determined to give Quan Xizheng an unforgettable birthday.

Early the next morning, Park Qicai convened a meeting with his brothers and said that he was going to celebrate Quan Hee Jung’s birthday. The elder brothers ignored it at first, but she said a lot of Quan Hee was being kind to her, and she also said that she wanted Quan Hee to feel such a loving big family like the Park family, and arranged tasks for each brother one by one.

Park Jaegong was on the set and secretly called Aman over and asked her whether the venue would be used at night. Knowing that the venue is not in use, Park Jaegong told Aman that he would use it. As for everyone’s supper, he covered all of it. Park Zaizheng came to a flower shop and picked a bunch of flowers. And Park Qicai silently made a cake at home, and with the help of Park Jae-Jak, successfully made a satisfactory piano cake. Park Jaeyu also quickly found Quan Xizheng and said that he had prepared a concert, so he must come to join him.

Quan Xizheng came to the venue by appointment at night, but he didn’t see Park Jae-woo, but Park Qicai was sitting in front of a piano on the stage and slowly began to play. Quan Hee was very touched when he saw Park Qicai who was so dedicated, and thanked her sincerely. After completing this surprise, everyone was too tired. Park Jaegong woke everyone up and said that today was the launch ceremony of his movie, so that everyone must be there to support themselves.

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