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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 44 Recap

The barrier of Lize Palace was broken, and Hao Chen and the others attacked Lize Palace by secret way. The immortal disciple attacked Lize Palace, Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji this was their tactic, and Chu Xuanji said that was not the case. The disciples of Lize Palace suffered heavy losses, and Yu Sifeng saw that Haochen could also use the nine-day profound fire. Yu Sifeng turned into a battle between Jin Chiniao and Hao Chen. The disciples of Lize Palace retreated to Lize Palace, and Yu Sifeng trapped the disciples of Xianmen.

Yu Sifeng said that he used to think that Xianmen disciples would stand still, but he didn’t expect to be so insidious and cunning. If they didn’t evacuate from Ze Palace, they would be beaten to pieces. Hao Chen told Chu Xuanji to ignore them and directly killed everyone in Lize Palace. Head Chu said that it would be too much to pay such a price. Chu Xuanji agreed to Yu Sifeng’s request and withdrew from Lize Palace.

Chu Xuanji told them that these were all lives, and every life should not be sacrificed in vain. Yu Sifeng said that he took out the artifact, opened the diamond cover, and Yu Sifeng left. Elder Luo didn’t want Yu Sifeng to let them go, so Yuen Long asked them to take a look inside the hall. Inside were a group of disciples from Lize Palace. Yuen Long said these disciples were killed by the immortal gate. Yu Sifeng knew that this was what Hao Chen did. Yu Sifeng asked Elder Feng to hand over the artifact. He wanted to let Haochen come out and kill Haochen.

When Yu Sifeng came out, Chu Xuanji asked him to let them go. Yu Sifeng only let Haochen come out, Zhong Minyan asked him why he turned back. Yu Sifeng said that he knew the secret way and brought them in, and watched Hao Chen kill the young disciples of Lize Palace. Chu Xuanji asked Yu Sifeng if there was still the truth inside, and Yu Sifeng said he deserved to die. Hao Chen fought with Yu Sifeng. He was not an opponent alone. Fortunately, Chu Xuanji saved him. Chu Xuanji confronted Yu Sifeng, and Hao Chen took the opportunity to insert the sword into Yu Sifeng’s back.

Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji that he really wanted to kill him, Chu Xuanji couldn’t bear it, and Haochen’s skill decreased, and Yu Sifeng was pierced into the chest with a sword. Xiao Yinhua wanted to help Yu Sifeng, so she stabbed Chu Xuanji and was taken in by Yu Sifeng. Tingnu gave Yu Sifeng treatment, and Liu Yihuan knew that Yu Sifeng was not a evil evil star. Yu Sifeng said he was trying to deal with Yuen Long. Liu Yihuan guessed that Chu Xuanji was the evil evil star, and Yu Sifeng told him to keep silent.

Tingnu was treating Lize Palace disciples, and Yu Sifeng asked about the situation. Yu Sifeng said that Yuen Long put Lize Palace into a crisis, and he privately wrote a war note to Xianmen. Yu Sifeng asked him what he wanted to do. Yuen Long knelt down and said that he was only for the demon clan, he would not frame the demon star. Zhong Minyan was thinking about what Yu Sifeng said in his heart. A young junior girl wanted to practice sword for her, but Chu Linglong saw it. Zhong Minyan told Chu Linglong not to think too much.

Chu Linglong said she was not worthy of Zhong Minyan’s liking, what happened to her in the Tianxu Hall. Zhong Minyan was very angry and left. Teng Snake was still looking for relevant information. Teng Snake finally found it. Qinglong found him and asked him what was going on. Teng Snake said he was sleeping here. Zihu heard Tingnu and the others talking, and knew that Yu Sifeng was not the real evil star, and she also wanted to enter the Demon Realm with Yu Sifeng to rescue Wuzhiqi .

Ting Nu said that he could help them prepare some elixir, which could help them alleviate the damage of the evil spirit of the demon realm. Chu Xuanji went to see Haochen, and Haochen said he didn’t know Chu Xuanji cared. Their Dao Youqing Jue had been broken, and in Chu Xuanji’s heart, it was Yu Sifeng who still cared. Chu Xuanji said that she would not be soft when seeing Yu Sifeng next time, but Haochen did not believe that Chu Xuanji could do it.

Chu Xuanji said she needs a little time, and Hao Chen said she forgot about her mother. Hao Chen said that Yu Sifeng had become Chu Xuanji’s demon, and if there was no break, it would be impossible. Chu Xuanji said she was going to Lize Palace.

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