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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 43 Recap

Chu Xuanji woke up, Haochen carried something to Chu Xuanji to eat, but Chu Xuanji did not eat. Hao Chen told her not to think about ways to hurt herself. Chu Xuanji said that she knew the marriage contract that Hao Chen said to help her rescue her. Hao Chen said that she was wrong. In fact, this was his mind. He had already loved her for a long time, and she had long been lingering in Hao Chen’s heart.

He asked Chu Xuanji if he knew why the marriage stone of Fuyu Island would be fulfilled on them, because their affection was far earlier than they came, and there is also their past in the mirror. Hao Chen gave Chu Xuanji the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, and Chu Xuanji saw the God of War. It was the memory of God of War and Emperor Bailin. The God of War gave the marriage flower to Emperor Bailin. Chu Xuanji said that she was in a mess in her heart, and Hao Chen said she could wait, but they must practice sentimental determination.

Regardless of Elder Feng’s obstruction, Yu Sifeng entered the Shengyuan, and Yuen Long was still consuming the soul to practice. Someone told him that Yu Sifeng had gone to the Shengyuan. Purple fox saw the stove, you want to take, by the anti-hurt, Ruoyu found someone in there. Yu Sifeng found the magic flower of Shengyuan and dripped Chu Xuanji’s blood on it.

The magic flower was indeed in full bloom. He knew that Chu Xuanji was the magic star. Yuen Long rushed to Shengyuan and found that the magic flower had come back to life. Ruoyu was tracking the purple fox and didn’t find him. Many disciples rushed over to read the news of the resurrection of the magic flower. Yu Sifeng said he was the evil spirit star and asked them to follow him. Those people knelt down and said they were willing to help Yu Sifeng. Yu Sifeng asked Yuen Long to hand over the Golden Feather Order, saying that Yuen Long was the right envoy of the Demon Realm, and asked him to hand over the spirit key.

Yuen Long said that three days later, he handed over the position of palace lord , and that everything was in charge of Yu Sifeng. He brought them the bloodbath of the demons and the immortal sect, and he handed over the golden feather order. Zihu was discovered by Yu Sifeng, and she was wounded and turned into a monster. Yu Sifeng treated her. Yu Sifeng said that they were all here for the spirit key, and he didn’t know where the spirit key was.

Zihu said that Yuen Long and him were not of the same mind, and Yu Sifeng said that he just didn’t want them to suffer heavy losses. Zihu told him that he probably didn’t know about Yuen Long’s practice with Lize Palace disciples, and he didn’t know anymore. Yu Sifeng didn’t know this, he didn’t expect Yuen Long to start with his own clan. He asked Zihu what is the use of Yuen Long’s training. Zihu said he had heard Wuzhiqi say it, but she didn’t know it. Zihu said they could cooperate. Yu Sifeng helped her get the spirit key and rescued Wuzhiqi. She asked Wuzhiqi to get rid of Yuen Long, and Wuzhiqi would retaliate against Yuen Long.

Chu Xuanji and Hao Chen are practising sentimental determination, and they have achieved great success. Hao Chen said attacking Lize Palace is more certain. Lize Palace sent a war note and asked Shaoyang faction to hand over Liulizhan. Hao Chen asked Chu Xuanji to kill Yu Sifeng himself, and Chu Xuanji could only agree. Teng Snake went to the heavens and wanted to find information about Yu Sifeng from Si Ming. Yu Sifeng inherited the position of the new palace master of Lize Palace, and he invited other monsters. Secretary Yu said the wind now need to clean house, to black children and Ruoyu charge into the dungeon. Wutong tried to escape, but was caught back. Yu Sifeng told them that it would not be necessary to rescue Wu Zhi Qi, and let Yuen Long teach the spirit key.

At this time, a disciple reported that the Xiuxian sect attacked Lize Palace. Yu Sifeng said that Lize Palace suffered heavy losses and should not fight them to the death. When Yu Sifeng went out, Chu Xuanji took out the battle book to Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng said he didn’t make it. Chu Xuanji asked Yu Sifeng if he was a demon star, and if he lied to her. Yu Sifeng said that she had already drawn a clear line and wanted to kill demons and demons. Yu Sifeng said they couldn’t tolerate fire and water, and let Chu Xuanji fight him to the death. Chu Xuanji fought with Yu Sifeng, and Zihu saw that Yuen Long was holding the stove and didn’t know what he was going to do. Yuen Long just wanted to do it, and the barrier was broken.

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