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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 10 Recap

A Sam faked ten pages for Gao Tianshuo to respond to Du Mingshan feeling sad after learning the news.

Faced with the pressing of the media, Gao Tianshuo was at a loss for a while. A Sam had no choice but to stand up and admit that he was ten pages and blocked the media inquiries for Gao Tianshuo. Later, because ten pages never appeared on the scene, this time he was exposed. Fang pays attention. The video of A Sam being interviewed was madly forwarded on the Internet. Du Mingshan was surprised when she saw this scene. She did not expect that the idol she had always admired was A Sam, and A Sam had already happened with her sister Tian Tian. Super friendship relationship. Du Mingshan sat alone on the street in a daze, and returned to the office unconscious.

Gao Tianshuo saw Du Mingshan’s extremely disappointed look. He knew Ten Pages was a god-like existence in her mind. Now that she saw Ten Pages turned out to be like this, her heart must be very broken. Gao Tianshuo couldn’t help but worry about her. Back home, Gao Tianshuo accused A Sam of not making such a decision hastily. A Sam said that this was also his expedient measure. He would deal with this matter in the next step and let Gao Tianshuo feel at ease to go to Roche to experience life.

When the two came to the company, Luo Yuefang first contacted them. Luo Danfang and Xu Kaiyu eavesdropped on the side. A Sam was full of loopholes in the dialogue with Luo Yuefang. Gao Tianshuo had to explain that Luo Yuefang did not expose A Sam’s fake identity. , But called Gao Tianshuo to the office, bluntly saying that he is the real ten pages, Gao Tianshuo immediately understood that what the media exposed this morning was what he did. The two knew each other’s secrets, and they agreed to keep this secret. Luo Yuefang said that he was threatened for the first time, and Gao Tianshuo said that he was also known by outsiders for the first time.

After seeing the news, Du Mingshan’s good sisters began to worry about Du Mingshan’s arrival, because ten pages occupies an important place in Du Mingshan’s heart, and reality is too far away from her expectations, which will make her very sad. The sisters discuss it. How can we make Du Mingshan overcome this difficulty in her heart. Compared with Du Mingshan’s loss, Tao Tiantian was very excited after seeing the news. She did not expect that the one-night stand with herself was actually ten pages. She felt very lucky, but at the same time she felt a little sorry for Du Mingshan, so she came to Du Mingshan and pointed out that she too Not intentionally, the one-night stand between the two was accidental. Du Mingshan didn’t know how to reply to Tian Tian, so she had to walk away silently.

Gao Tianshuo wanted to comfort Du Mingshan, but he didn’t know how to proceed. He saw Du Mingshan standing on the balcony and went to apologize to her. He was sorry for not telling her in time before, but Du Mingshan did not approve of it and felt like they were playing Treating himself like a clown, Gao Tianshuo explained, but because he didn’t tell the truth, everything seemed very pale. When Du Mingshan returned, he was surrounded by reporters and asked her about ten pages.

Just when she was at a loss, Gao Tianshuo showed up in time and took her away from the scene. Gao Tianshuo warned A Sam to try not to contact Du Mingshan, if there is a dialogue and exchanges. To tell himself in the first time, A Sam thought he fell in love with Du Mingshan, Gao Tianshuo hurriedly denied, but he has realized that Du Mingshan has quietly broken into his heart.

Du Mingshan came to the publishing house, and the editor-in-chief asked her to keep an eye on the ten-page assistant, because after the ten-page exposure, more than ten publishing houses rushed to ask him for a manuscript. He had to get ahead, but Du Mingshan was absent-minded. It seemed that A Sam’s sinister face always appeared in her mind, which made her life darker, but she calmed down and replied an email to Ten pages, saying that she had sent emotional emails to Ten pages caused trouble and expressed apologies to him, and then talked about the content of the feature article. Gao Tianshuo received the e-mail and decided not to reply temporarily after thinking about it for a long time.

A Sam and Tian Tian dated him. Tian Tian regarded him as ten pages, and also mentioned Du Mingshan’s love for ten pages, which made A Sam miserable for a while. Gao Tianshuo came to Roche to experience life. Luo Yuefang asked him how much he needed to cooperate. Gao Tianshuo asked to attend some important meetings, but Luo Yuefang said that he needed to decide what activities he would participate in.

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