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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 9 Recap

Park at the Palais let hair stylist to Park colorful design most suitable for her hair, the hair is completed, two people satisfied, went to the next stop, ready to pick a few pieces of clothing. After picking the one who was not satisfied for a long time, Park Jae-gong went out on his own and chose a blue dress for Park Qicai. After putting it on, Park Qicai was very happy.

After buying clothes, she came to a shoe store. Park Jaegong refused to let her wear the kind of sneakers worn by middle school students. He dragged her to a high heels store and told her to wear high heels. Park Jaeyu returned home and practiced dancing at home. He told Park Jaegong that Lin Yi was going to the new student party and prepared to dance with her. When Park saw him in the palace, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and asked him to teach Park Qicai to learn body ballet and improve his overall temperament. Piao Qicai is very strenuous to practice, constantly making excuses to escape from training.

The freshman party arrived soon, and Park Qicai came to the venue confidently in her formal dress. After seeing her , Kwon Hee really felt a bright light. Piao Qicai collapsed down the stairs, but she still didn’t support her and fell. Quan Xi was about to walk up to help her, but the waiter accidentally spilled wine on her body, so he had to go to the back to change clothes annoyed. . Just after Park Jaeyu took Park Qicai to comfort her, he saw Lin Yi sitting in the corner. He walked over and wanted to invite Lin Yi to dance with himself. Lin didn’t pay much attention to him.

He saw his brother come in from outside and greeted him happily. Seeing the existence of Park Jae-yu, the other party seemed to have taken Lin Yi to the dance floor in order to take the oath of sovereignty. But Lin Yi couldn’t dance, even though Senior Brother was very patient in teaching her dance steps at first, Lin Yi still accidentally stepped on Senior Brother’s foot. This made Senior Brother a little embarrassed into anger, and was ridiculed in front of so many people.

At this time, Kong Tao Tao quickly walked out to relieve him, and also actively invited him to dance with him. It turned out that this Kong Taotao had long been interested in seniors, and today he encountered such a good opportunity, and the dance steps of the two of them were extremely light.

After a while, Kong Taotao’s parents came to the meeting place. It turned out that Director Kong was her father. When the brother saw her parents coming, he hurried up and got close. When Lin saw such a senior brother, she couldn’t help feeling a little sad, and she rushed out crying. Park Zaiyu was worried and followed out, but Lin Yi said that he wanted to stay by herself for a while, but Park Jaeyu still followed her silently.

Seeing Park Jae-woo running out, Park Qicai wanted to say something because Cha Yunxian was by her side and invited her to dance with herself. Park Qicai wanted to refuse, saying that wearing high heels was not suitable for dancing, and Cha Yunxian immediately said that he had a way. He took out a disc and handed it to the sound teacher, urging everyone to take off their shoes and have a happy dance. After the song was over, Cha Yunxian saw that Park Qicai’s foot was a little injured, so she asked her to wait for herself and ran out with her shoes.

At this moment, Quan Hee just returned to the hall. Park Qicai saw him coming back and stopped him, saying that he was the only one who had become so embarrassed now. She took Quan Hee Jung’s shoes and they were together. Went out to go home. Cha Yun-hyun bought new shoes and saw the figures of Park Qi-chae and Kwon Hee-jung, his heart was suddenly full of loss. When Park Qicai returned home, she saw how to grasp a person’s heart by herself. When she was seen by her brothers, she laughed a lot. The next day, Park Qicai complained to He Yuanzhu again, saying that she was very unlucky lately. He Yuanzhu persuaded her to stick to the method in the book, and persistence will succeed.

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