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Minor March G小调进行曲 Episode 8 Recap

Park Qicai couldn’t enter the house without the key. When she was regretting, she found a spare key in the light box at the door. When I walked into the house, I saw that my brothers had prepared gifts for myself, and my discomfort was wiped out. Lin Yi deliberately brought a gift to find his senior brother, not wanting that Senior Brother did not express the joy he imagined for Lin Yi’s arrival. Two words didn’t say a few words, so he used an excuse to leave. Lin Yi said that he hadn’t seen him for a long time. Then he said that after he was busy, he would definitely stay with her.

Park Qicai was late for class again. She quietly came to Quan Xizheng . Quan Xizheng asked her why she was late for the first class and asked her to write down her notes first. Cha Yunxian saw Park Qicai coming, and wrote a note to Park Qicai, ready to pass it to her. After class, Quan Hee is asking Park Qicai to visit his house after school, and he has something to give her.

Park Qi Cai was very happy, saying that Quan Hee Jung had finally made an appointment with herself. Park Jae Woo also said that after that trip, the feelings between the two people still warmed up. When Cha Yunxian on the side heard these words, he couldn’t help being a little secretly disappointed.

Lin Yi picked out clothes for the graduation party at home, and she thought of her and her senior brother’s various pasts. My brother and myself once planned the future of the two people and saved enough to buy a house of their own, but because they have not found a suitable job for a long time, they seemed a little discouraged. Because there was no down payment for the time being, Lin Yicai agreed to Park ’s request for tutoring at the palace , which was also in the interest of triple compensation.

After school, Park Qicai came to Quan Hee Jung’s house soon, and Quan Hee handed her a box and asked her to take it back. He Yuanzhu and Park Jaeyu secretly followed her, trying to find out about the military. After Park Qicai returned home with the box, her elder brothers were already waiting for her. Let her tell everyone what happened between that trip and Quan Hee Jung. Quan Hee was alone at home watching Park Qicai’s bracelet in a daze, and finally took off the bracelet and tied it to the keychain. Park Qicai triumphantly showed her bracelet to her brothers, saying that they were two unique bracelets in the world, and happily prepared to open the box.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a list of travel expenses for the two people that Quan Xi was preparing, asking her to give the other half of the money to herself. Park Qicai was a little disappointed for a moment, and her brothers also persuaded her to part with Quan Xizheng. But Park Jae-jung came out and said, don’t misunderstand Quan Hee-jung because of these, after all, he didn’t send Park Qicai’s bracelet back.

After arriving in the classroom the next day, Park Qicai angrily called Quan Hee Jung out. Lin Yi found Park Jaeyu and asked him if he knew where to buy a dress. He planned to go to the freshman party, but he did not have suitable clothes. Park Qicai and Kwon Hee Jung came to the stadium and asked him what those bills meant, and asked him which boy he had seen to travel with his girlfriend who had to pay for it. Quan Hee smiled and said that she might have misunderstood the relationship between the two people. After returning to the classroom, Park Qicai told He Yuanzhu that he hadn’t lost the love bracelet she gave him, but she didn’t know why he came here.

He Yuanzhu gave her an idea for her to dress up better at the freshman party a few days later. Park Jaegong scolded his assistant on the set for a box lunch. The assistant producer Aman couldn’t listen anymore and rushed to scold him. At this time, he received a call from Park Qicai, asking him how to make his debut. Park Zaiyu took Lin Yi to the shopping mall clothing store to pick out dresses. After shopping for a long time, the two of them finally found the most satisfactory one. When Park Jae-gong came home, she asked Park Qi Cai to wear her best clothes and went out to do her hairstyle.

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